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Unfair in a sentence

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Synonym: unjustSimilar words: fairlyaffairfair playunfoldin factinfantfaintin favour ofMeaning: adj. 1. showing favoritism 2. not fair; marked by injustice or partiality or deception. 
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1. It would be unfair not to let you have a choice.
2. Sentimental children forever whining about how bitterly unfair your lives have been. Well,it may have escaped you notice, but life isn't fair.
3. They had been given an unfair advantage.
4. Who will reform Britain's unfair electoral system?
5. It would be unfair to Debby's family to speculate on the reasons for her suicide.
6. The accusation of elitism seems unfair as the festival presents a wide range of music, with something to please everyone.
7. His former chauffeur is claiming unfair dismissal on the grounds of racial discrimination.
8. It seems unfair on him to make him pay for everything.
9. He still hopes to win his claim against unfair dismissal .
10. Wilson was claiming compensation for unfair dismissal .
11. Many employers have recognized that age discrimination is unfair.
12. Your report last week was unfair. It was based upon wholly unfounded and totally unjustified allegations.
13. I think that you're being unfair.
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14. If some athletes use drugs, it is unfair on/to the others.
15. Life can be unfair sometimes, but that's no reason to give up on it.
16. He accused his teacher of unfair marking.
17. The punishment was harsh and unfair.
18. She thought it most unfair that girls were not allowed to take part.
19. The company has an unfair advantage over its competitors.
20. The system is archaic and unfair and needs changing.
21. It's unfair that you should have to pay the most when you earn so little.
22. It's so unfair that she should have died so young.
23. America decided that imported steel had an unfair advantage over steel made at home.
24. Two of the candidates complained of unfair muckraking during the election campaign.
25. He made a very unfair crack about her looks.
26. He was terribly unfair to the younger children.
27. The inquiry found that they had been subjected to unfair treatment.
28. I admire the way she is able to shrug off unfair criticism.
29. The teams change ends at half-time so that neither side has an unfair advantage.
30. Experience has taught me that life can be very unfair.
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