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Unambiguously in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
Similar words: unambiguousambiguouslyambiguousunambitiousambitiouslyambiguityexiguouscontiguousMeaning: adv. 1. in an unambiguous manner 2. so as to be unique. random good picture
1. He has failed to dissociate himself clearly and unambiguously from the attack.
2. Thus, economic welfare has unambiguously been reduced.
3. In other respects, such as outcome, we have unambiguously objective information.
4. It was not yet, however, unambiguously regarded as a form of cheating.
5. We are the only party unambiguously committed to the preservation and modernisation of our independent nuclear deterrent.
6. The media lauded his initiatives as unambiguously and gloriously advancing the interests of all Tunisians, with Ben Ali the ever avuncular and enlightened ruler.
7. Under limited information, however(, maintaining a view unambiguously may not always be possible.
8. But the picture the doctor's office unambiguously does.
9. This unambiguously proves that the transplanted uniparental cells could produce hematopoietic stem cells.
10. We show unambiguously that the tin compounds remain in the corrosion layer , acting as stabilizing species.
11. It is therefore possible to unambiguously assign a vehicle to each ticket.
12. The markets are unambiguously signalling unease about the inflation - fighting credentials of the Federal Reserve.
13. Even when Mr Obama has been unambiguously apologetic, his opponents often quote him out of context.
14. Under these circumstances, his intervention could not possibly be perceived as an unambiguously patriotic and non-partisan gesture.
15. They almost invariably define the research topic, and the research area, clearly, concisely, and unambiguously.
16. The main theme is that the duties and responsibilities of each person in the organization are unambiguously defined.
17. The role of the noise is to make it more difficult for particular types to unambiguously signal their information.
18. However he held that such evidence was inadmissible since the letter to Mr. Purkayastha unambiguously showed that the committee had misdirected itself.
19. For both printed and handwritten input, the stimulus alone is insufficient to unambiguously identify the text.
20. Identifying such scars may prove as difficult as linking tsunami deposits unambiguously to impacts.
21. Initially, it was hoped that publications directly deriving from theses could be unambiguously identified, but this was not possible.
22. In any case, I clearly remember one evening that was unambiguously happy.
23. In reality, it is often much harder to classify actual systems unambiguously than this simple dichotomy would suggest.
24. Relevant theories are not developed to the point where they can be unambiguously tested against observations.
25. Members in the shared virtual base can be accessed unambiguously and directly.
26. In order for a requirement to be traceable, it must be referable -- i.e., it must be identified unambiguously over its entire lifecycle across different work products.
27. The Bi Metallic doctrine is certainly authoritative in situations that can be unambiguously characterized as rulemaking.
28. Based on the remainder theorem and direct dechirp operation, an algorithm for estimation of chirp rate and initial frequency of the subsampling wideband LFM signal unambiguously is presented.
29. Other work, including child prostitution and bonded labor, is unambiguously detrimental to children.
30. If so, the court would have to " give effect to the unambiguously expressed intent of Congress. "
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