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Ultraviolet ray in a sentence

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Sentence count:16Posted:2018-02-13Updated:2018-02-13
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1. Combine the ability keep ultraviolet ray from injury skin.
2. Why abrupt between is the meeting allergic to ultraviolet ray?
3. How does ultraviolet ray grow little a knot in one's heart to do on allergic face?
4. The ultraviolet ray light can sterilize the packaging material.
5. Ultraviolet ray curing device has an adjustable power in two levels.
6. Therefore, choose that keeping ultraviolet ray product from wanting is careful.
7. Objective To observe the efficacy of ultraviolet ray on furuncle and phyma.
8. Although the ultraviolet ray only occupies the sunlight 3 %, also the suitable ultraviolet radiation has the sterilization.
9. Provides the ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp, guarantees the environmental safety.
10. Using ultraviolet ray to do fluorescent light analysis and apraisal is now widely applied.
11. Even though skin cancer vaccine has been developed,( the ultraviolet ray is something against.
12. Admire glasses when how is seeing eye lens to prevent ultraviolet ray radiation - proof?
13. Made of boron or quartz glass tube which can be penetrated by ultraviolet ray.
14. The skin lesion is closely related with the degree of damage that the ultraviolet ray causes.
15. With what medicines and chemical reagents should have been allergy of skin ultraviolet ray treated?
16. Good quality of absorbing moisture and ventilation, dampness preservation and moisten, antibacterial and bacteria controlling, preverntion of ultraviolet ray.
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