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Ultrashort in a sentence

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Sentence count:44Posted:2018-03-12Updated:2018-05-26
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1. He carried out experiments on the propagation of short and ultra-short radio waves, which were then thought to be unusable.
2. Objective To investigate the therapeutic effect of ultrashort wave diathermy on neuropathic pain through a experimental model simulating lumbar disc herniation in rabbit.
3. It is a key problem to detect the ultrashort pulse in optical communication system.
4. ObjectiveTo observe the effect of ultrashort waves combined with medication on children with cerebral dysfunction syndrome (CDS) accompanied with pneumonia.
5. Conclusion The combined treatment of the ultrashort waves physiotherapy and Penyan soup was effective.
6. Objective To observe the effect of ultrashort waves on the acute diarrhea in young children.
7. An ultrashort term frequency forecast of the system frequency is made for the hydropower station and the results have been applied in computer frequency control of the hydropower station.
8. Under the action of ultrashort laser pulses the measurement of photoemissive quantum yield is different from that under the action of normal visible light.
9. Photoconductor antennas irradiated by ultrashort laser pulses can emit electromagnetic waves at the terahertz (THz) bandgap, which has been studied extensively and used widely as a terahertz source.
10. The experimental study of the ultrashort optical pulses response and switch properties of semi-travelling-wave semiconductor laser amplifier are given in this raper.
11. Conclusion: After dermatoplasty no heat - free ultrashort waves treatment can conduced to promote free skin graft survival.
12. The method of split-step Fourier was used to investigate the property propagation of ultrashort pulse and then analyse the new propagation property in negative refractive media.
13. Utrashort Wave Electrotherapy Machine is an instrument which utilizes high frequency electric energy of ultrashort wave to act on human's organism for treatment.
14. On the banks of the Rhone River in 2009 and 2010, Swiss researchers fired ultrashort pulses of a powerful mobile laser into the sky 28 different times.
15. Since optical pulse shaping technique plays a crucial role on the application of ultrashort pulse, its development is very fast.
16. Morningstar doesn't have any recommended "analyst picks" in the ultrashort category.
17. Treating chronic prostatitis with combination of cernilton and levofloxacin and ultrashort waves is effective.
18. From the Helmholtz equation, the optical field analytical expression of an ultrashort pulse propagating through a small aperture lens was acquired with chromatic and spherical aberration.
19. In the light of the shortcomings of the existing whipstock in ultrashort radius radial system, the design idea for a new underreaming whipstock is put forward.
20. A high-amplitude laser wakefield, which is an electron plasma wave, can be excited by an ultrashort intense laser pulse.
21. So the hand-operated coconut would necessitate the concurrent development of the ultrashort palm tree.
21. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
22. Objective: To determine the effects of combination of cernilton and levofloxacin and ultrashort waves on chronic prostatitis.
23. An intelligent instrument used for measuring the width of ultrashort laser pulse is presented. Combining with a noricollinear SHG correlator, time resolution of 0.1 psec or better can be obtained.
24. This taxable offering is cheaper than many actively run ultrashort funds.
25. AIM:To observe and compare the therapeutic effects of CKS therapeutic device and the ultrashort wave on gonarthritis.
26. Using a complex analytical signal representation, the free-space propagation properties of ultrashort pulsed Bessel-Gauss beams whose waist width is independent of frequency are studied.
27. The result shows that two projects can be used to retrieve amplitude and phase of the ultrashort pulse, but the PCGP algorithm requires less iteration time.
28. Requirements on the shape, duration, distribution in pulse shape and spectral compositions of ultrashort laser pulses in the development of picosecond image tube cameras are briefly described.
29. The investigation can be a theory guidance to generate ultrashort optical pulse chains with high repetition rate to some extent.
30. Objectives : To evaluate the therapeutic effects of acute superficial phlebitis with ultraviolet Irradiation and ultrashort wave therapy.
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