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Turnabout in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2018-01-12Updated:2018-01-12
Similar words: turn and turn aboutturn aboutabout turnabout-turnnonreturnableturn a blind eyeturn a blind eye torunaboutMeaning: n. 1. a decision to reverse an earlier decision 2. turning in the opposite direction. random good picture
1. What accounts for the dramatic turnabout in Britain's international trading performance?
2. This turnabout is affecting the whole ski business in Britain, not least the magazines.
3. For Lyndon Johnson, the turnabout was even more abrupt and total.
4. The dramatic turnabout undoubtedly reflects the trauma of once again seeing non-stop television coverage of bloodied bodies and grieving families.
5. A similar turnabout occurs with the story of Pandora and her box of evils and torments.
6. The turnabout Howard and Mark conjured up was more than I could have expected.
7. This burst of activity marks a major turnabout in the publishing industry.
8. Parham marked... a pronounced turnabout in the assumptions believed to underlie juvenile mental health law.
9. The turnabout began to swivel.
10. Turnabout Is Fair Play, Search Them!
11. It is a historical turnabout that resonates, given that the Chinese Communists were inspired by the Soviets, before the two sides had a lengthy rift.
12. Thursday's decision represents a turnabout for Ms. Whitman, who, as an H-P director, signed off on the prior plan to consider a spinoff.
13. In an amazing turnabout, the antenna problem was completely dispelled as an issue. No one talks about it any more.
14. Pyongyang's turnabout last week prompted speculation that it might be stalling until the new U.S. president was in power to see if it could get a better deal than the one already negotiated.
15. Fanny, do not turnabout - it is but your uncle.
16. About halfway through, this story has a major turnabout.
17. What a turnabout from a few months earlier, when Groupon was the talk of Wall Street.
18. The turnabout is a bid to ease the rancor of the past week that flared after Karzai, seeking to rally national support, accused the West of meddling in his nation.
19. The overseas push is a big turnabout for Japan, which long jealously protected its prized bullet train technology.
20. And it's a surprising turnabout in a country in which government red-tape, poverty and traditional attitudes long combined to discourage adoption.
21. And in a turnabout, Wuxi, China-based Suntech is searching for a site for a plant that would bring manufacturing jobs to the U.S.
22. As her confidence grows you may well see a considerable turnabout in her attitude.
23. How and why did this extraordinary and extraordinarily rapid turnabout in attitudes take place?
24. The fall into loss last year represents a dramatic turnabout from the late 1980s.
25. We hope all parties continue to work together to push for turnabout of the situation and create conditions for resumption of the Six-Party Talks.
26. "It's one thing when you'retalking to the industry that's used to a six-month turnabout, " said Mr. Bailey of Burberry. "It's very different when you're talking to a direct customer."
27. He also surprised many by appearing in a 2007 ad, above, for Louis Vuitton — an extraordinary turnabout for a former communist.
28. As you can see from the top graph, China has now passed Japan in economic size. Ten years ago it was smaller than the UK or France, an extraordinary turnabout.
29. Asks Colin Clark: Why has Chinese foreign policy made a sudden turnabout from 'peaceful development' to 'belligerence'?
30. We all know people who have never learned to communicate their feelings, and, in all probability, they are not going to do a complete turnabout now.
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