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Turn over in a sentence

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Sentence count:132+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-17Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: bowl overconsidercut intodebatedeliberatedelvedigflipflip overgivehandknock overmootoverturnpasspass onreachrolltip overtump overturnupsetSimilar words: turn onturn offturn outrun overgovernorover and overburn outnovelMeaning: v. 1. place into the hands or custody of 2. cause to overturn from an upright or normal position 3. move by turning over or rotating 4. turn up, loosen, or remove earth 5. do business worth a certain amount of money 6. cause to move around a center so as to show another side of 7. turn from an upright or normal position 8. turn upside down, or throw so as to reverse 9. think about carefully; weigh. random good picture
1 Turn over or your back will get sunburnt.
2 He promised to turn over a new leaf and study harder.
3 The turbulence caused the plane to turn over.
4 Icebergs are notoriously unstable and are likely to turn over.
5 I see fatherhood as a chance to turn over a new leaf.
6 You may now turn over your papers.
7 To whom should we turn over the key when we leave here?
8 Whenever he's on TV, I turn over.
9 A supermarket will turn over its stock very rapidly.
10 You may turn over your exam papers now.
11 Turn over and look at the next page.
12 The thief was determined to turn over a new leaf once he was released from prison.
13 If you turn over a turtle on its back,( it will become helpless.
14 Lay by the bad habits and turn over a new leaf.
15 The mayor had been aiming to quietly turn over control of the city's water to private business interests.
16 Can we turn over? There's a film I want to see.
17 The King may turn over some of his official posts to his son.
18 The battery is dead and the moter won't turn over.
19 No battery could store enough energy to turn over a car's engine.
20 If you turn over you might find it easier to get to sleep.
21 Turn over the raw edges and stitch.
22 The scandal took a new turn over the weekend.
23 This programme's boring - shall I turn over to BBC?
24 The smell made my stomach turn over .
25 It uses them to turn over stones when it is looking for food.
26 Turn over the page.
27 Grants are being offered to farmers who agree to turn over their land to woodland and forests.
28 He realized he was in the wrong and promised to turn over a new leaf.
29 The alarm did go off but all I did was yawn, turn over and go back to sleep.
30 Why then do their minds go blank as soon as they turn over the question paper?
More similar words: turn onturn offturn outrun overgovernorover and overburn outnovelturnturn upreturnturn inin turnturn toturn awayturn downturn intoin returnfurnituretake turnsin return forovercovergo overoverseeall overget overbe overoveralllay over
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