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Tunnel effect in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2019-02-08Updated:2019-02-08
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(1) By using the tunnel effect principle of quantum mechanics, the mechanism of electrospark machining is studied, and a new explanation of the essence of electrospark machining is given.
(2) And that is very likely causing the tunnel effect.
(3) They are the tunnel effect control.
(4) The principle of STM's operation, the electronic tunnel effect phenomenon and the tunnel current were also introduced.
(5) Tunnel Effect and the different behaviors of hot electrons consist of the main electronic processes under high electric field.
(6) Taking scalar wave equation and tunnel effect for example, the similarity of fiber optics to quantum mechanics was shown.
(7) The technologies used include carbon nanotubes and the magnetic tunnel effect.
(8) The degradation process is explained by using the theory of secondary tunnel effect.
(9) Play the animation in the camera viewport , and it should look something like a tunnel effect from an Amiga demo, but without the plasma!
(10) The characteristics of nano-materials were briefly introduced, such as surface effect, small size effect, quantum size effect, quantum tunnel effect.
(11) The results illustrate that under actions of the air shock waves and tunnel effect of the tube the thin layer explosive...
(12) The experimental results show that vibration sensor based on tunnel effect has high sensitivity, good frequency characteristic and vibratory response characteristic consistent with STM.
(13) Tunneling magnetometer is a kind of MEMS magnetometer based on tunnel effect in quantum mechanics.
(14) The results show that the conductive paths are formed due to the direct contact of conductive particles and quantum tunnel effect.
(15) According to nanometer theory, rice phytoliths must have properties of nanometer materials: surface effect, small size effect, quantum effect and macro quantum tunnel effect.
(16) It is reasonably explained that conduction of Ru-base thick-film resistor is caused by tunnel effect.
(17) Nano-particles have small dimension effect, quanta dimension effect, surface effect and macroscopical quanta tunnel effect, so they manifest a series of specific physical and chemical characters.
(18) Another tell-tale sign of misused on-camera flash is the dark tunnel effect.
(19) When the size of particles is decreased to nano-scale, the particles will possess many special characteristics as quantum size effect, surface effect, macro-quantum tunnel effect.
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