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Tubercle in a sentence

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Similar words: tuberculartuberculosispulmonary tuberculosistubertuberosetuberosityprotuberantprotuberanceMeaning: ['tuːbə(r)kl /'tju-] n. 1. a swelling that is the characteristic lesion of tuberculosis 2. small rounded wartlike protuberance on a plant 3. a protuberance on a bone especially for attachment of a muscle or ligament. 
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1. Furthermore, immune responses to tubercle bacilli are extraordinarily complicated.
2. After the tubercle bacillus was identified, accurate diagnosis of tuberculosis, of the lungs and of other organs, became possible.
3. Koch identified the tubercle bacillus only in 1882.
4. So the tubercle bacillus is a particularly difficult target for chemical attack.
5. A rounded projection or swelling a tubercle.
6. Objective:To investigate the effect of Combined therapy of Super Lizer and Capsaicine paste in patients with osteochondritis (tubercle of tibiaosteochondritis and navicular bone osteochondritis).
7. Conclusion The effects of 25-O-desacetylrifapentine and Rifapentine against tubercle bacillus growth activities in vivo and in vitro are similar and nicer.
8. Osgood-Schlatter disease (also known as tibial tubercle traumatic apophysitis) is an inflammation of the growth plate at the tibial tuberosity.
9. Methods: tubercle bacillus culture and sensitivity test were applied in resecting lung tuberculoma.
10. Results The tubercle exudation of the later period in 107 pleuritis the sufferer be all obtained good effect by surgical operation treatment.
11. However(, anteromedialization of the tibial tubercle should be performed before or simultaneously with patellofemoral arthroplasty when the Q angle is excessive.
12. Aim To detect if tubercle bacillus L-form can induce apoptosis of spermatogenic cells, and guess the relation between infection of tubercle bacillus L-form and male infertility.
13. Conclusions: For minimal invasive operation, the conoid tubercle of the clavicle is a suitable area for pin entrying, through it, the enough length of pin can be obtained.
14. Summary : Fracture of the medial tubercle of posterior process of talus is a very rare injury.
15. Objective To explore the presence of tubercle bacillus L form in the focus of bone and joint tuberculosis in cases undergone revision procedures.
16. They are plants of the most varied appearance,[] and they also possess either a bulb or tubercle.
17. We are not likely to find a cause as precisely as the tubercle bacillus can be shown to produce tuberculosis.
18. Analysis of the effect of Re-treatment Scheme in Treating the Patients with Tubercle Bacillus.
19. Objective It is to discuss and study the effect of 25-O-desacetylrifapentine against tubercle bacillus growth activity in vivo and in vitro.
20. CASE REPORT Misdiagnosed 24 cases of bronchogenic tuberculosis with negative of tubercle bacillus in sputum smear examination were selected and analyzed by fiber bronchoscope.
21. Direct smear of sputum was conducted with Ziehl - Neelsen acid - fast staining to detect tubercle bacillus.
22. AIM To investigate the changes in SP immunoreactive neurons in the jugular tubercle and nodose ganglion of asthmatic guinea pigs.
23. Adequate exposure and mobilization of the extensor mechanism required an osteotomy of the tibial tubercle and a V-Y quadricepsplasty.
24. Objective To investigate the reconstruction of the secondary vermilion tubercle deformity of bilateral cleft lip.
25. Methods Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was used to check and measure the tubercle bacillus DNA(TB-DNA) in malignancy tissue.
26. Conclusions:The joint determination of various TBAb in serum was a supplementary diagnostic method to screen those infected with tubercle bacillus in patients with various digestive diseases.
27. If it further causes the hepatic lobe reconstruction, pseudolobuli and tubercle take shape, then comes the liver cirrhosis.
28. On the humerus specimen, intertubercular sulcus was narrowed by obvious hyperplasia small tubercle.
29. Objective:To observe the morphological changes of the bone trabeculae with age in the greater tubercle of the humerus in Chinese.
30. Results:The tendon of long head of biceps brachii was obviously compressed by small tubercle in intertubercular sulcus and the tendon appeared thin and narrow.
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