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Troublemaker in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-07-29Updated:2017-07-29
Similar words: troubletroubledin troubleuntroubledask for troubletroublesomeborrow troubleget into troubleMeaning: n. someone who deliberately stirs up trouble. 
(1) He's a troublemaker! Always was and always will be!
(2) His reputation as a troublemaker told against him when he tried to change his job.
(3) I'd had him pegged as a troublemaker.
(4) The newspapers had unjustly labelled him a troublemaker.
(5) I would hate you to think me a troublemaker.
(6) He has a reputation as something of a troublemaker.
(7) I put the boy down as a troublemaker as soon as I saw him.
(8) It came to this: The troublemaker would look foolish rather than daring.
(9) John Munger, perennial troublemaker on the Board of Regents(, attacked both affirmative action and tenure.
(10) Yarbrough was a calculating troublemaker.
(11) He was a troublemaker , a constant storm center at school.
(12) The boy was labeled a troublemaker.
(13) As he is a troublemaker, no one likes to work together with him.
(14) In the past, he was a troublemaker, but now he has mended his way.
(15) One of the gods , Discord, a troublemaker.
(16) His irreverence for authority marks him out as a troublemaker.
(17) In her last job she acquired a reputation as a troublemaker.
(18) I was worried that I would be regarded as a troublemaker if I complained about the safety standards in the factory.
(19) You were right about Pete - he's a real troublemaker.
(20) In 1657 Crofton tried to bar him from the pulpit, as a heretic and troublemaker.
(21) Resistance to control makes Nicky a problem, a deviant, a troublemaker.
(22) Saare remembers one student who did not do well academically and was a bit of a troublemaker.
(23) No university wants to hire a coach with a history of lawsuits, a troublemaker, a rocker of boats.
(24) That difference was, in these days of war and hate, a possible troublemaker.
(25) In many classrooms, Perry might simply have been regarded as a troublemaker.
(26) I got hooked on magic at the store and never used the cards — I was more of a practical joker than a troublemaker.
(27) But we also are committed to a peacemaker and a troublemaker.
(28) They also did not want to be labeled a troublemaker or to lose their jobs.
(29) So this anxiety we have about being branded a troublemaker or muckraker ... it just doesn't play out that way.
(30) The first lucky passenger was that same useless little troublemaker.
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