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Trodden in a sentence

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Sentence count:58Posted:2017-01-19Updated:2017-01-19
Antonym: untroddenSimilar words: soddena good deala good deal ofproddingriddensuddensuddenlyrodentMeaning: [tred] adj. crushed or broken by being stepped upon heavily. random good picture
1. A little fire is quickly trodden out. 
2. Cattle had trodden a path to the pond.
3. It's three years now since you've trodden the boards, Ken - how does it feel to be back?
4. Some cake crumbs had been trodden into the carpet.
5. They had trodden a path to the steam.
6. Bits of the broken vase got trodden into the carpet.
7. The people have been trodden down for too long.
8. A load of food had been trodden into the carpet.
9. Yuck! Look what I've just trodden in!
10. The cattle had trodden a path to the pond.
11. She had trodden them into the wet sand and they were horrible.
12. Soft ground, trodden flat by uneasy, shifting feet not so many hours ago.
13. Morris had no idea she had trodden the boards.
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14. A little further along the road is Dun Trodden, another broch in a more ruinous condition.
15. NetWare SunLink puts Sun on a path already trodden it seems by almost everyone else in the industry.
16. If toes had to be trodden on, too bad.
17. To lose your foothold was to be trodden down.
18. Food and cigarette butts had been trodden into the precious carpet.
19. From those thousands who have trodden the same paths in earlier times, the energy is inexhaustible.
20. The innocent suffer and the conscientious are trodden down into conformity.
21. The manufacturers claim the truck is strong enough to survive being trodden on by an elephant.
22. We've made the effort, we've seen the airport, we've nearly got trodden on dozens of times.
23. That word and the world it represented have gone for ever, trodden into the mud of Flanders.
24. It must have just lurched into life out of a great trodden stillness of dust and damp.
25. The cassette-player was pocket-sized and dented where Pascoe had trodden on it.
26. For an instant, startled by that snapping sound, he thought he had trodden on a twig.
27. The most common circumstance in which human swimmers are poisoned by fish is when a well camouflaged stingray is trodden on.
28. In this respect my Working Group were following the path already trodden by the Swann Committee.
29. He came to a wide gap which had been trodden into mud by cattle.
30. Scorpions seldom go out of their way to attack people and accidents usually happen when scorpions are trodden on.
More similar words: soddena good deala good deal ofproddingriddensuddensuddenlyrodentintroduceall of a suddenintroducingintroductionoddoddsaddedroderodeproductproduceproducerprodigalproducingproductiveproductionproductivityreproductionreproductivetrooppatronstrong
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