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Transoceanic in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-11-24Updated:2017-11-24
Similar words: oceanicmeans of transportationoceaniaocean shippingtransommeans of communicationoceanoceanfrontMeaning: ['trænz‚əʊʃɪ'ænɪk ,-s-] adj. on or from the other side of an ocean. 
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(1) It confined transoceanic vessels to a few narrow shipping lanes that promised safe passage.
(2) Other transoceanic drifters have had much larger effects.
(3) The passenger's international (transoceanic) ticket number, used to determine eligibility, must be referenced in the endorsement box on the SkyTeam America Pass ticket.
(4) The early completion of this transoceanic bridge.
(5) With the transoceanic telegraph (1866 and afterwards) continents became linked and the telecommunication industry was born.
(6) Opening of transoceanic telephone service to Argentina, Chile and Uruguay and subsequently to all other South American countries.
(7) Note 5: These fares apply to passengers traveling transoceanic via SkyTeam frequent flyer Award tickets.
(8) Pilots on selected transoceanic routes will receive real-time turbulence updates and then provide feedback on the system to the scientists.
(9) It developed transoceanic radiotelephone links and telephone cable systems and created the Telstar satellite communications system.
(10) When will this transoceanic bridge open to traffic?
(11) Where the heck is Transoceanic China?
(12) Note 4: These fares apply to passengers traveling transoceanic via SkyTeam frequent flyer Award tickets.
(13) Currently shippers have two choices for transoceanic freight: relatively fast but expensive air freight or relatively slow but inexpensive sea transport.
(14) After a week, Zhu Yingtai hits the transoceanic telephone from US.
(15) That change would support local economic development and allow aid to reach people who need it faster than by costly transoceanic shipment.
(16) Theo: But not many can compete on the longer[sentence dictionary], 1) transoceanic flights.
(17) Laws governing the flow of data across international borders (such as messages sent by satellite or transoceanic cable) are presently in a state that might best be described as "confused."
(18) Optical fibers have revolutionized global telecommunications, making possible the high - quality, high - capacity transoceanic telephone links.
(19) A new guidance system in the works could help transoceanic flights avoid dangerous thunderstorms, such as the ones thought to have played a part in the recent fatal crashes of two jetliners.
(20) The rich dust that falls from the sky, and the rain storms caused by that dust picking up moisture during it's transoceanic journey both fertilize the Amazon rain forest.
(21) For lack of specific antidote, sea snake injury has become a common problem for the health safeguard of sea exploration, marine work and transoceanic fight.
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