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Transmission delay in a sentence

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(1) With regards to the characteristics of uncertain transmission delay and packet dropout of networked control system (NCS), a distributed model is proposed in this paper.
(2) Because of the long transmission delay for GEO communication satellites, the performance of dynamic channel assignment(DCA) is sensitive to the time of DCA algorithm.
(3) These are propagation delay ( Pd ) , transmission delay ( Td ) , and processing delay ( Qd ) .
(4) According to a message transmission delay model, CAN bus transmission neat delay and MAC access mechanism were analyzed.
(5) Simulation results show that PGDIS can reduce transmission delay while keeping relatively high packet delivery ratio.
(6) Transmission delay influences the stability of Internet based control systems.
(7) This system made remarkable progress in reducing transmission delay, controlling network transmission scope, and enhancing P2P network security and management.
(8) In bus-structured network management communication system, the alarm transmission delay of ALOHA is shorter thanpolling.
(9) Dynamic evaluation of road traffic density can also be used to choose the surest transmission route. This significantly reduces transmission delay and improves network throughput.
(10) In a data communication system capable of variable rate transmission, high rate packet data transmission improves utilization of the forward link and decreases the transmission delay.
(11) Simulation by NS2 is done which proves that DCLASA can obviously improve the network total throughput, reduce link transmission delay, and take into account fairness among links.
(12) The invention raises throughput and fairness of satellite network, and reduces transmission delay.
(13) However, being so distant, GEOs have a problem of transmission delay on delivering interactive services. The terminals must be very powerful and expensive, also, ground antennas are very large.
(14) Simulations show that, this method is better than shortest-path routing in block probability, and it is nearly as good as shortest-path routing in transmission delay.
(15) Data is non-synchronized in timing which caused by the transmission delay of remote data. It means that assessment result isn't sufficiently precise.
(16) According to the experimental platform based on CAN, the CAN message delay time is online examined. The difference between theoretical analysis and actual transmission delay is also analyzed.
(17) Some measurements such as the shortest path, diameter, average distance and network average distance are analyzed to evaluate the transmission delay of the hypercube network and crossed cube network.
(18) In addition, we also can reduce the collision effects through increasing transmission delay.
(19) It is found that, based upon the powerful error correcting capability of RS code, low transmission delay and packet error rate can be obtained by restricting numbers of retransmission.
(20) Compared with First Request First Allocation ( FRFA ) algorithm, the method can reduce transmission delay by 8 %.
(21) For air fuel ratio signal of a gasoline engine, there exist transmission delay, which affects the control accuracy of air fuel ratio using directive air fuel ratio sensor signals.
(22) Experimental results show that compared with other algorithms, this algorithm has higher system throughput rate and shorter data transmission delay.
(23) Although streaming media technology is widely used, its multimedia stream playback quality is low because of data transmission delay and jitter.
(24) Nowadays more and more real time services such as voice, image and critical data are transmitted on networks, and all of them are sensitive to bandwidth, transmission delay and delay jitter.
(25) The article briefly introduces the present situation of the optical protection channel in power communication network, and analyses the transmission delay of SDH by experiment.
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