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Transition state in a sentence

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1. The study on structure of transition state of outer sphere and inner sphere in the oxidation-reduction of coordination compound is reported in this paper.
2. Your planet is entering a critical transition state, characterized by a multiplicity of Chaotic Nodes.
3. You have entered a transition state of consciousness.
4. The reaction is an exothermic reaction, its structure transition state occurs after energy transition state.
5. The equilibrium states and the transition state have been verified according to the number of imaginary frequency through vibrational analysis.
6. The configuration of transition state is like as a trans disubstituted three cycle.
7. Glyphosate, as a transition state inhibitor of EPSP synthase, inhibit the canalization of the enzyme as an EPSP synthase·EPSP·glyphosate ternary complex.
8. Impaired glucose tolerance ( IGT ) is a transition state between being healthy and having diabetes.
9. The relationship between the aromatic transition state theory and Woodward - Hoffmann generalization are also discussed.
10. The result shows that the transition state of the rearrangement reaction has a three-membered ring structure.
11. Activation energies may often be obtained from rate measurements by using transition state theory.
12. The rate constants within the temperature range from 300-2100K are calculated using conventional transition state theory.
13. All above results show that the reaction experiences the six - member ring transition state with two - step path.
14. This simple vibratory realm will be a great ally to you as you pass through the current planetary transition state.
15. One of the greatest difficulties for embodied beings is the transition state of consciousness you call death.
16. This article discusses the femto-chemistry, because it involves femtosecond laser pulses(, and its research or monitor into chemical processes of transition state and intermediate.
16. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
17. As we said at the beginning of this message, you are entering a critical transition state. For those unfamiliar with our previous message entitled.
18. The reaction mechanism of 8-dimethyl-7-methoxy-5-ethenyl-nonanenitrile oxide cycloaddition has been studied with the molecular orbital AM1 method and transition state theory.
19. And the reaction mechanism is derived from analysis of the vibration frequency of the precursor complex, transition state, successor complex and the isolated state.
20. And this will be a very helpful and important mind-skill as you enter further into this planetary transition state (i. e. the emergence of multiple Chaotic Nodes).
21. The objective of using Gaussian in this course is to understand better chemical reactions and transition state theory, in addition to the computations of thermochemistry.
22. The Asp 125 plays an important role in the stabilization of the transition state via electrostatic interaction.
23. As we said at the beginning of this message, you are entering a critical transition state.
24. In this paper, the rate constant and equilibrium constant of the crack reaction of methyl silicane were obtained with the transition state theory and quantum chemistry calculation.
25. To pull the mux out of this state, either WR must be taken low to the transition state, or RS must be taken low to turn off all channels.
26. The geometries, relative energies, and activation energy of the tautomer and transition state were determined.
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