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Transformational in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
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1) A lecture on transformational grammar? I can hardly wait!
2) Another is that the methodology of transformational grammarians has obscured the need for investigation of speech-writing differences.
3) Transformational grammars are more restrictive.
4) The transformational component is a set of tree-rewrite rules which specify how to produce surface structure trees from the deep structure tree.
5) For instance, the transformational forces of men are dangerous for women, and viceversa; both are dangerous for children.
6) Transformational leadership at the whole-organization level, then, involves more than engaging in the daily fray.
7) Transformational synonymy and lexical synonymy show important synonymous relationships in discourse analysis.
8) The Gareth Malone Supergroup... Get transformational choirmaster Gareth Malone on the case.
9) While combining transformational generative grammar and grammatical means , the study booms applied linguistic theory.
10) Its linguistics theoretical basis is Chomsky's transformational—generative grammar.
11) NE Sichuan basin went through the transformational history from large fresh water depression basin after inland craton to foreland basin of Daba mountain.
12) The transformational grammar shows that the deep structure of a sentence can be transformed into its surface structure suitable to the grammar.
13) Research indicates transformational leadership can improve employees'job satisfaction, increase employee's trust to the leader, and show more organizational citizenship behavior.
14) This paper simply describes transformational grammar of English.
15) Wh-question has been the main subject of the transformational generative grammar.
16) It is not mechanical and rigid,[] but transformational and developmental.
17) Palin is herself a transformational figure: She is transforming an increasingly narrow band of Americans into a political lynch mob.
18) Syntactic movement is governed by transformational rules. The operation of the transformational rules may change the syntactic represention of a sentence.
19) High speed PRT are the only transformational transport solution I can see out there.
20) This paper simply describes transformational grammar of English. It is Implemented in Augmented Transition Networks.
21) Transformational robbery crime in judicatory practice is the difficult point.
22) Certainly this is a month when your material assets are under transformational stars.
23) This thesis is a comparative study of traces in both English and Chinese within the framework of Transformational Grammar.
24) Koskela and Howell characterize the pipefitter's dilemma as one of a class of "self-inflicted problems" common to the work breakdown, Transformational View.
25) This thesis applies the analytical method of composition and arrangement, and Transformational - generative Grammar sometimes.
26) We envision that the unique design flexibility of the transformational plasmon optics approach may open a new door to nano optics and photonic circuit design, Zhang says.
27) Boeing today announced the successful demonstration of a common software application that can support the space and ground segments of the Transformational Satellite Communications System (TSAT).
28) Neoconservative theorists, who knew nothing about Iraq , believed that the transformational power of democracy could change the Middle East — make Arabs more like Americans.
29) The range of his research covers mathematical linguistics, logical semantics, transformational - generative grammar and non - transformational - generative grammar.
30) This year is the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Transformational and Generative Grammar.
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