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Trace to in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2018-05-31Updated:2018-05-31
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1. The murderer was traced to Paris.
2. Depression can be traced to holding in anger.
3. The cause of the fire was traced to a faulty fuse-box.
4. Several outbreaks of infection have been traced to contaminated food.
5. The stolen paintings have been successfully traced to a London warehouse.
6. The leakage was traced to an oil pipe in the cellar.
7. The leak was eventually traced to a broken seal.
8. Lovelock'sprincipled nonconformity can be traced to his childhood.
9. The outbreak of food poisoning was traced to some contaminated shellfish.
10. The criminal was traced to Glasgow.
10. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
11. Early descriptions Descriptions of self-starvation among early religious ascetics suggest that some variant of anorexia nervosa may be traced to medieval times.
12. Many cultural practices have, of course, been traced to accidents.
13. The outbreak was eventually traced to a new strain of E. coli on hamburger meat.
14. For Oakeshott, modern collectivism is not to be traced to Hobbesian authoritarianism.
15. There is no result, no trace to mark what you have done.
16. Wars, revolutions, crimes all the evils that beset mankind could be traced to them.
17. No criminal activity has yet been traced to the president or his wife.
18. The call was traced to a pay phone at a convenience store.
19. This was traced to the main power connector, where the plug hadn't been properly pushed home.
20. The trend toward globalisation can also be traced to the Nixon administration's modifications of the political economy of the cold war.
21. The organiser can't be traced to answer the criticisms.
22. Linguistic features that trace to West africa.
23. It can be obtained the trace to the source of large direct current with self-balancing DC comparator through self-calibration circuit, addition circuit, compare circuit and multiplication circuit etc.
24. C . to this day, all Chinese all over the world still trace to this ancestry.
25. The custom glue code is a simple tool that reduces the address trace to a graph specification.
26. The theory base of the lawsuit of the enforcement trace to source the civil trial.
27. Carbon dioxide is a species of weak acidic gas, it is a erodent in oil and gas industries, its content in natural gas may vary from trace to more than 0%.
28. The orthogonal seismic trace set up on the concept of complex seismic trace is combined with the real seismic trace to form the imaginary part and the real part of the complex seismic trace.
29. A new study finds when you go from room to room, your brain identifies each room as a new event and sets a new memory trace to capture the new event.
30. Are there any ethnic characteristics in your community that you can trace to the area's beginnings?
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