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Time period in a sentence

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Sentence count:83Posted:2017-07-07Updated:2017-07-07
Similar words: grace periodtimepieceperiodperiodicperiodicalperiodicallylatency periodperiodic tableMeaning: n. an amount of time. random good picture
1. Answer guide: The time period for a budget will normally be one year.
2. Not really; the time period over which the returns are expected to arrive should not affect the investors' overall requirements.
3. The time period is determined by the resistor network R5 to R15 which are switched through S2.
4. Over the same time period the United States generated thirty-eight million net new jobs even though it has one third fewer people.
5. The time period that funds can be invested is critical in maximizing the returns from investments.
6. In the list to the right, select the time period for the timescale.
6. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
7. The time period used in defining current liabilities parallels that used in defining current assets.
8. The time period for requesting appraisal of a trademark which is approved for registration by the ruling of demurral shall commence on the day when the ruling of demurral is announced.
9. The Time Period of the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras, philosopher, mathematician and teacher of Pericles.
10. Under reasonably constant temperature conditions, the prototype unit provided a time period of 24 hours within two or three minutes.
11. A technique that works for some dads is to create a special time period devoted exclusively to worrying.
12. The more regular your schedule, the easier it is to retrain your circadian rhythm in a twenty-four-hour time period.
13. P is the average price of all transactions and T is the number of transactions that take place during the time period.
14. Competitors had to drive around the country's top racing circuits within the five-day time period.
15. A second option would impose the moratorium throughout the whole city for the same time period.
16. It was as though he had created a virtual company for a specific time period to launch that particular product.
17. While rates in some states increased considerably, rates in twenty-two states declined over the same time period.
18. Industry political action committees contributed $ 23, 500 to Dole in the same time period.
19. But how do you compare open-heart surgery over that time period?
20. Just as there is not one mandatory plot type, neither is there a preferred historical time period.
21. The total return from a security in a future time period is dependent on a series of anticipated and unanticipated events.
22. By using the grey system theory and method, we built a grey prediction model to predict the start and end of an active time period in future.
23. More countries -- 17 in all -– officially announced anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing laws for the first time in 2005, the time period covered in the report.
24. By checking the voltage change between the fixed resistor and the sensing blub over a set time period, the programmer writes an instruction set that can run the DTC subroutine.
25. Instead timing circuits use a fixed capacitor and a variable resistor if it is necessary to vary the time period.
26. It existed for more than a century, and within that time period Islam spread to most of the Malay archipelago.
27. Forward security of the scheme means that even if the secret key of current time period is compromised, some security remains. It is impossible to forge the signature relating to the past.
28. The next stage of the import wizard is to specify the time period from which to import data (Figure 16).
29. The evolution of the signal-noise ratio R with the quantum noise intensity D is discussed in the parameters of the noise and signal frequency and time period modulation frequency.
30. Statistically for the same Groups, one can track the Number of Days On Market, i. e. the Average calendar time period in days from Initial Listing For Sale until Deal Closing.
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