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Time and time again in a sentence

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Sentence count:39Posted:2017-05-06Updated:2017-05-06
Similar words: time and againmeantimeagainst timein the meantimehave a good timeturnaround timefrom time to timebedtimeMeaning: adv. repeatedly. 
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1. I've told you time and time again - make sure you look before you cross the road.
2. Time and time again the global oceans overflowed their basins and spilled out on to all of the continents.
3. Time and time again they listened to the tape.Sentence dictionary
4. Taking you down memory lane time and time again.
5. They may keep this up time and time again until, with luck, the predator finally gives up the chase.
6. Time and time again, women seem to lose out on promotions and career opportunities.
7. Time and time again they have run up against unsurmountable problems of distributing and getting the drugs accepted.
8. Time and time again in the history of aviation, " the impossible " has been done.
9. Los Angeles Lakers fans have heard time and time again: Kobe is a pure gym rat.
10. We see the same patterns with our clients, time and time again.
11. Life , thin and light-off time and time again frivolous tireless.
12. But time and time again research shows, and people confirm, that there is a pattern to who and how we love.
13. Time and time again we see how, when communities are given opportunities they want and programmes they can own, they are empowered to achieve the lives they desire.
14. The numbers have been confirmed time and time again.
15. The power of conversation has been proven time and time again to me. Wherever I go, whether it's Pakistan, Indonesia, or Iraq, I ask for an open dialogue and I invite honest criticism.
16. Time and time again, we see the same powerful forces at work: political commitment, leadership, the persuasive power of evidence, and the creative power of human determination.
17. Their nature changes over time and requires couples to renegotiate their covenant with each other time and time again.
18. This method gives you something like a template for a graph, which you can use time and time again.
19. Following the Suppression, mill sites came into other hands, many being re-used time and time again.
20. But I had been caught, well and truly, and had paid the price, time and time again.
21. The Tests themselves have been carefully scrutinized for balance and consistency to ensure they are reliable time and time again.
22. But worse is the fact that the same accidents happen time and time again.
23. The lichen-crusted walls bedecked with city grime capture my attention time and time again.
24. Programs such as this are an invaluable source of information and can be used time and time again.
25. Mendelsohn said that McCain, more than most other U.S. politicians, "has done that time and time again."
26. "In times of hardship like in this economy, people scrutinize immigration, but it's been proven time and time again that immigrants contribute to this economy and our country, " he says.
27. Blame lies squarely at the feet of hotel industry executives that have time and time again allowed OTCs to control the room pricing dialogue with consumers.
28. The conditions are ripe for outbreaks of dengue to ravage parts of this region time and time again.
29. These pres the 1081 and the Air Montserrat are chosen time and time again by recording engineers and producers all over the world.
30. Use an engaging combination of basic marketing tactics and augment them with advanced marketing tactics that have proven successful time and time again for the fastest road to success.
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