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Tibialis in a sentence

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Similar words: tibialis anteriortibialiliotibialtibiatibiaedialectical materialismcialisserialiseMeaning: n. either of two skeletal muscle in each leg arising from the tibia; provides for movement of the foot. 
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1. Conclusions The tibialis anterior muscle and deep fascia flaps possess regular vasa vasorum and abundant vascularity.
2. During swing phase, the increased activation of tibialis anterior is relevant to the increased required ankle dorsiflexion angle for foot clearance as increased incline slope.
3. The wet weight of tibialis anterior was weighed at 12 and 24 weeks postoperatively compared with control group.
4. We found no Pacinian corpuscles in the musculus tibialis anterior.
5. Record position is tibialis anterior muscle and gastrocnemius muscle side healthy and trouble.
6. The muscular branches of the arteria tibialis posterior mainly distribute to the muscle flexor digitorum longus, and muscle soleus.
7. Objective:To provide anatomic basis for tibialis posterior tendon translocation to repaire dislocation with separation of the syndesmosis tibiofibalaris.
8. Objective To evaluate the application of tibialis anterior muscle and deep fascia flaps in the treatment of tibial bone tumor with proximal tibial prosthesis.
9. CONCLUSION: Severely cryodamaged tibialis anterior muscle in rats can be used for the animal models of transplanted myoblast.
10. Left anterior tibialis muscle was harvested to measure ATP in the skeletal muscle cells.
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11. The tibialis anterior of the back leg dorsiflexes the ankle, drawing it towards the shin.
12. "Strength-duration curve" of tibialis posterior muscle and axons growth rate of distal myelinated fiber were used as the viewing indexes.
13. Objective To observe the therapeutic effects of split tibialis posterior and long peroneal muscle tendon transferring on equinovarus deformity in spastic palsy.
14. The 244 I/T curves of 111 cases of prolapsed lumber intervertebral disc including musculus tibialis anterior, musculus fibularis longus, musculus extensor hallucis longus were measured.
15. Conclusion MR imaging is a sensitive technique for detecting injury of the tendon of tibialis posterior muscle.
16. Results: The average width of the fibular surfaces decreased gradually from peroneal surface, flexor surface, tibialis posterior surface to extensor surface in order.
17. Those wounds are sometimes surrounded by vascular compromised tissue, which make the local flap, such as the tibialis muscle turnover flap, inaccessible.
18. Antibody of CGRP was labeled clearly at the nerve terminals and motor end plate in the normal tibialis anterior muscle.
19. The earth electrode was inserted from distal to proximal limb into gastrocnemius muscle around tibialis anterior muscle.
20. According to the time of design, computer image of histology in nerve was observed, and electric physiological index of nerve and the weight of tibialis anterior muscle were detected.
21. Objective To investigate the value of MR imaging in diagnosing the injury of the tendon of tibialis posterior muscle.
22. Method: 244 I/T curves of 111 cases including musculus tibialis anterior, musculus fibularis longus, musculus extensor hallucis longus were measured. 56 cases were operated.
23. Results were: (1)soleus muscle H wave was inhibited obviously under the state of tibialis anterior muscle fatigue and the difference was significant when compared with the quiet state.
24. Objective To investigate whether the implanted myoblasts with the soluble carriers can improve the repairing efficiency for the severelycryodamaged tibialis anterior muscles.
25. The vessel and nerve bundles containing tibial nerve and posterior tibial vessels can be touched when the needle body past through tibialis posterior.
26. This paper reports that promising sedative effects of He-Ne Lasea on N. medianus, N. tibialis and N. infraorbitalis of cows and horses were obtained.
27. The treatment group applied Tuina massage combined with LIPUS on tibialis anterior muscle and tibia. Those in the control group received physiotherapy of modulated medium frequency.
28. We found a technique for recording SSMEP of musculi tibialis anteriors by stimulating the points between spinous processes.
29. The earth electrode was inserted from distal proximal limb into gastrocnemius muscle around tibialis anterior muscle.
30. The loss of dorsiflexion in the right ankle that resulted from excision of the anterior tibialis muscle.
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