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Thyroid in a sentence

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Sentence count:215Posted:2017-05-18Updated:2017-05-18
Similar words: thyroid glandasteroidpolaroidsangfroidembroideryzephyrtyroby roadMeaning: ['θaɪrɔɪd] n. located near the base of the neck. adj. 1. of or relating to the thyroid gland 2. suggestive of a thyroid disorder. random good picture
1) Injuries and thyroid cancer sidelined Jackson often in the last three years, when he won only five games.
2) Thyroxine is produced by the thyroid gland.
3) The usual preparation with Lugol may not prevent thyroid damage by I-MIBG.
4) It appears that thyroid hormone is also required for full suppression of antidiuretic hormone release.
5) Apart from thyroid cancer it has not seemed that any illnesses could be detected and so the matter has not been pursued.
6) For example, thyroid and renal disease,( alcohol abuse and chronic pancreatitis may be identified.
7) The most probable outcome is 100-150 deaths from thyroid cancer over the same period.
8) Thyroid function in neuroblastoma patients treated with this compound should be closely monitored.
9) Other medical conditions, such as an overactive thyroid gland, occasionally cause similar symptoms.
10) Will they go away once my thyroid is treated?
11) Those species studied have large thyroid glands and a high level of circulating thyroid hormones.
12) Differentiated thyroid cancer occurs much more commonly in women than in men(, largely in the premenopausal years.
13) As the epithelial cells manufacture the thyroid hormones, the hormones are stored in the thyroglobulin molecule.
14) Except for myalgia, which quickly resolved with appropriate thyroid replacement, she was entirely asymptomatic.
15) After five years of chemotherapy her thyroid cancer went into remission, though she still has to have annual checks.
16) There was also an excess of endometrial and thyroid cancers.
17) Girls and boys start out with similarly sized thyroid cartilage, but this changes when they hit puberty.
18) They are used in medicine for the treatment of cancer and to detect thyroid gland disorders.
19) Brave Gail Devers was suffering from Graves Disease but it took doctors two years to diagnose the crippling thyroid illness.
20) There may be other causes as well, like a thyroid or blood-sugar problem.
21) Janet has suffered various forms of ill health throughout most of her life, including asthma and a serious thyroid deficiency.
22) Other solid tumors associated with hypercalcemia arise from lung, kidney, liver, cervix, prostate, and thyroid.
23) Graves's disease is a malfunction of the body's immune system whereby antibodies mistakenly attack the thyroid gland.
24) This was said to be because of the risk of radioactive iodine emitted during the fire getting into people's thyroid glands.
25) These antibodies are directed against Thyroglobulin and Microsomal antigens of the thyroid 3.
26) Rich in easily assimilable vitamins, minerals and trace elements which are essential for the thyroid gland.
27) Iodine 131, also a gamma and beta emitter, is particularly hazardous to the thyroid gland.
28) Calcitonin and growth hormone are normally secreted by the thyroid and pituitary respectively.
29) Actually she had been more sprightly since Mr Paradise, the vet, operated on her thyroid.
30) Objective To explore clinical application of the functional neck dissection preserving cervical plexus in thyroid cancer.
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