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Thyristor in a sentence

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Sentence count:64Posted:2017-12-21Updated:2017-12-21
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1. Speed regulation system using cascade control method with thyristor is a low-cost system, but the classic system has some shortages, such as low power factor, serious harmonic pollution and etc.
2. Drag onto the page to add a thyristor, bi - directional triode - type, triac - gated switch.
3. Same phase inverse parallel connection's three-phase bridge thyristor rectifier assembly was researched mainly the application in the chlorine-alkali industry.
4. Microcomputer control of thyristor conduction angle in controllable reactor and the matter to be noted are introduced. Experimental results and oscillogram are given.
5. Modern thyristor valves for HVDC are of high power rating and difficult to be tested in a conventional back-to-back test circuit.
6. Thyristor is used as switching device in the non - contact power supply.
7. A scheme of bidirectional thyristor phasing trigger composed by ICs is presented, and the trigger circuit fit for AC voltage regulator of inductive load is given.
8. Thyristor, bidirectional triode - type ; triac; gated switch.
9. We researched mainly on Gate Turn-off Thyristor in qualitative analysis before.
10. Control of the thyristor firing angle dictates the moment in which the inductor is inserted in the circuit.
11. Use the thyristor as switch devices in researched and produced new type contactless power voltage supply.
12. Modern power thyristor valves have a high power rating and are difficult to be tested in a conventional back-to-back test circuit.
13. Gate Turn-Off Thyristor is a kind of power electronic element. It can control both on and off.
14. This paper discusses the basic principle which the inverted firing angle of thyristor inverter has the influence on power factor of a cascade connected device.
15. Simulation results show that the doping profile and width of P base region are important to the on-state voltage drop of Gate Controlled Thyristor.
16. The digital Phase-locked loop for speed regulation is made up of digital comparator, voltage-controlled oscillator, low pass filter(, thyristor power amplifier and other components.
17. Start time is about 3 - 80 seconds . The temperature of thyristor and transformer has no distinct rise.
18. Electricity will pass through it if the positive pole of the thyristor is connected to a positive voltage and the trigger terminal is giver pulse.
19. A digital phase-shifted trigger circuit based on FPGA is introduced in this paper,(Sentencedict) which can be used for three-phase supply power of thyristor rectification and inventer circuit.
20. In this paper the calculation of current wave factor in three phase thyristor full controlled rectifier with emf load is discussed, with the calculated data given.
21. In this paper, the structure and mechanism of P base region of asymmetry Gate Controlled Thyristor are briefly introduced.
22. The core to design a synthetic test circuit is to correctly reproduce the stresses applied on the thyristor valves.
23. But its power rating is the same as in the thyristor.
24. Then, adopting reactive current margin and harmonics as control and protection variable, an expert system was formed to control thyristor switched capacitor.
25. The analysis and research on the functions of hardware circuit for open-phase protection, capacitance protection and thyristor protection in the combination switch are introduced.
26. A method of identifying the end of soft starting process based on the voltage across the non-conducting thyristor is introduced.
27. A voltage type high power invert circuit which is composed of chopper and thyristor full bridge invertor is proposed.
28. The auxiliary switch operates with zero - current - switching ( ZCS ), which can use low - cost thyristor.
29. The double-bucket hoist system used in the main shaft at Fank ou Mine is a thyristor DC driving system made by Symons Company. The location control loop used is a digital control technology.
30. This paper presents the monitoring and self diagnosis technique with single chip microprocessors for the real time faults of thyristor devices.
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