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Thruster in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2018-05-15Updated:2018-05-15
Similar words: thrustthrustingthrust faultcut and thrustthrushrustedtrustedcrustedMeaning: n. 1. one who intrudes or pushes himself forward 2. a small rocket engine that provides the thrust needed to maneuver a spacecraft. 
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1 Thrusters were then used to pull the combination further ahead.
2 It was doing this by firing the thrusters on the service module.
3 The service module thrusters were also used to establish the barbecue roll that helped to keep the Apollo cool.
4 Study of ignition transient characteristic of impulsive micro thruster was conducted.
5 To understand characteristics of micro - thruster, ground - experimental apparatus of bipropellant micro - thruster and data acquisition system were established.
6 Microwave plasma thruster can generate free-floating plasma brought about by microwave discharge breakdown gas in resonant cavity without the service life problem produced by electrode ablation.
7 However as specified in the thruster data sheets, the thruster current reverses itself before becoming zero.
8 Through designing the DP thruster system for a specific deepwater semi-submersible platform (Semi), this thesis searches for a reasonable way of DP thruster system design.
9 Experiences have been accumulated for repairing special thruster through disassembling and repairing planospiral one.
10 When increasing thruster discharge voltage, the ion energy distribution will move to the direction of high energy.
11 An ion thruster test for NASA's Deep Space 1.
12 The Stationary Plasma Thruster (SPT) will play a very important role for China's future space developing plan. And the magnetic field is the key to improve the performance of SPT.
13 The attitude control thruster ( ACT ) is the control component of the flight vehicle.
14 An electric thruster is a device that uses electrostatic force as the primary means of propulsion.
15 Finally the research vessel began to sidle sideways towards us, using its bow thrusters to close the gap with Hsu Fu.
16 The re-entry path was flown automatically by the on-board computer using the command module's thrusters to steer.
17 A gentle pressure in the small of his back told him that the thruster pack had fired.
18 Put Alvin into autopilot to maintain a constant heading; go ahead a little on the pot that controls the forward thrusters.
19 Unlike Bowman, he was able to check its spin by bursts from the nitrogen-jet thrusters on his backpack.
20 It sits atop the ignition switches for the rocket thrusters.
21 During t1 a reverse voltage must be maintained across the thruster and only after this time is the device capable of blocking a forward voltage without going into its on-state.
22 Ship to be operated with rudder angle in zero, and make the bow thruster full loaded after it is running steadily.
23 The results can provide useful information for the design and experiment of electron cyclotron resonance thruster .
24 The launch was delayed by one week after JAXA said it had discovered a problem with the gas jet thruster for its launch rocket.
25 The functions of the hollow cathode for electron bombardment mercury ion thruster and its requirements are described.
26 Hollow cathode is a key assemble of ion engine. So it is import ant to study its failure mode for improve the reliability of ion thruster.
27 In order to generate multiple kinds of motion patterns of an underwater thruster with biomimetic undulating long-fin,( a CPG(central pattern generator) model based method of motion control is proposed.
28 MHDP experimental ship (HEMS-1) was constructed by IEE, CAS with solenoid superconducting magnet system and helical thruster, which is the first one in the world.
29 The advanced agile missiles possess maneuverability, agility and accurate guidance performance by adopting thruster vector control.
30 The subsection porous wall design is an effective way to optimize the coolant flow in a transpiration cooled thruster.
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