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Thousand times in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2018-12-05Updated:2018-12-05
Similar words: thousandththousands upon thousandsthousandthousandsone thousandten thousandthousandfoldby the thousandMeaning: adv. by three orders of magnitude. 
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(1) For you, a thousand times over.
(2) English has hurt me a thousand times, but I still regard it as my first love.
(3) I've been this route a thousand times before.
(4) I've warned him a thousand times.
(5) The judge said he'd already been punished a thousand times.
(6) You've done it a thousand times already, but you do it again, just for something to do.
(7) Think Thousand times before taking a decision But - After taking decision never turn back even if you get Thousand difficulties!! Adolf Hitler 
(8) The drug is a thousand times more powerful than LSD.
(9) I have to see a thing a thousand times before I see it once. Thomas Wolfe 
(10) Focusing on revenue is a thousand times more positive and productive than focusing on costs, which can prove debilitating and negative.
(11) For Marjorie Wallace, the dream came true, a thousand times over, when she won the Miss World crown.
(12) Amir: For you, a thousand times over.
(13) His best companions have a thousand times to drink up the sun with him.
(14) I have dreamed a thousand times that I could lie down on Miami beach to relax.
(15) Because we are just as blind—no, a thousand times blinder than that old man in the wheelchair.
(16) A soldier would rather face a firing squad a thousand times over than just once have to look his own colleagues in the eye knowing he had failed them.
(17) That's an old joke - I've heard it about a thousand times.
(18) In the long years since that glorious meal Jack had relived it in his memory a thousand times.
(19) Hasn't anyone told Mrs Thatcher that bottled water can cost a thousand times as much as water from the tap?
(20) He tied me to a post in the midday sun and ordered me to repeat his name ten thousand times.
(21) To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did. I ought to know because I've done it a thousand timesMark Twain 
(22) The most intensely radioactive is high-level waste - typically a thousand times more potent than the intermediate level.
(23) Capacity of the human brain is around 10 billion neurons with more than a thousand times that many interconnections.
(24) Marie, whose high-boned cheeks and weary eyes he had met a thousand times before.
(25) I saw it magnified to three hundred and fifty thousand times its diameter.
(26) The image in National Geographic had been magnified to thirty-five thousand times its size.
(27) And the energy density of uranium 235 in terms of thousand times the energy density of coal.
(28) The regular doctor will administer a dose containing ten thousand times as much of the mother drug as the homeopath .
(29) Generally say that random access within a tape cartridge is about a thousand times slower than random access on disk.
(30) "Even if golf pros perfect their swing over countless repeated attempts," Randall writes, "I don't believe everyone can hit a ball a thousand times without becoming exceedingly bored or frustrated.
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