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Thirty-two in a sentence

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Similar words: thirtythirty-oneshirtythirteenthird partythirtieththirteenthtwenty-twoMeaning: adj. being two more than thirty. random good picture
1. He's thirty-two, he's gorgeous, he's got his own house and, what's more, he's unattached.
2. The police have detained thirty-two people for questioning.
3. So far we've made thirty-two thousand pounds.
4. By the age of thirty-two she had reached the pinnacle of her career.
5. In his platoon he had thirty-two men.
6. The thirty-two dark shapes of our helicopters sat on the lighter-colored ground.
7. Nella was thirty-two, an age by which if a blonde woman's hair hasn't turned dark, it never will.
8. After thirty-two years of married life Barbara had no illusions left.
9. Thirty-two of the top 39 First Interstate executives received two-to three-times their annual pay as severance benefits.
10. Thirty-two homeless or previously homeless people responded to the study by voice mail.
11. The maximum permitted enrolment was thirty-two students and written work was an explicit expectation.
12. Thirty-two percent of regular smokers reported frequent coughs compared with 22 percent of non-smokers.
13. Thirty-two men had got over and the only people hurt had been two patrolling guards hit by stray bullets.
14. In London there are thirty-two London Boroughs, with responsibility for all the major services.
15. Gladstone had recommended chewing each bite thirty-two times, so Fletcher chewed every mouthful of food until it was pulverized into liquid.
16. Thirty-two, tall, rubber-lipped, pop-eyed, very smart but no culture so just wised-up: that's Witney.
17. She was thirty-two, an editor with a distinguished publishing house, married to an investigative journalist.
18. At thirty-two, Frank was thickset and looked shorter than his five feet ten inches.
19. Now the Victors have replaced that living-room-turned-office of thirty-two years ago with a complex of offices and meeting rooms.
20. He had been thirty-two in 1970; there had been certain events that were crucial to his life.
21. Thirty-two minutes after the birth of her sister, Twin B came slidingdown after her.
22. By the time she was thirty-two, her sex life was almost nonexistent.
23. He sounded young enough, but he walked with a deepening stoop at the age of thirty-two.
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24. He authored ninety homilies on Matthew, eighty-eight on John, and thirty-two on Romans.
25. And, when she glanced at her watch, she saw that the time was thirty-two minutes past three.
26. Twenty years later the number of primaries doubled to thirty-two, electing 71 percent of the convention delegates.
27. A proficient rather than brilliant amateur, Johnson went professional in 1968 and progressed well, winning thirty-two of thirty-eight contests.
28. Up until 1966, stewardesses faced mandatory retirement at age thirty-two or upon marriage-whichever came first.
29. The main house is essentially one room, fifty-four feet long and thirty-two feet wide, with a brick cylinder in the center containing a bathroom.
30. My neighbor is a real stick-in-the-mud, and he's only thirty-two.
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