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Thermionic in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2019-04-11Updated:2019-04-11
Similar words: thermionic emissionspermiogenesiselectronic communicationvermilionpermissionionicvermillionbionicMeaning: adj. of or relating to or characteristic of thermions. 
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1. Currently conventional thermionic cathode electron gun cannot satisfy people's requirement for high lightness and long lifetime of electron gun.
2. Alternately, electron emission may be by thermionic means.
3. The crystal detector was soon replaced by the thermionic value and had largely become obsolete by 1939.
4. The process, called "photon enhanced thermionic emission," or PETE, could reduce the costs of solar energy production enough for it to compete with oil as an energy source.
5. Currently conventional thermionic cathode gun cannot satisfy people's requirement for high lightness and long gun.
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6. We monitored with American thermionic air automatic monitoring instrument synchronistically, and found the results of the two method were different obviously.
7. Called "photon enhanced thermionic emission," or PETE, the process promises to surpass the efficiency of existing photovoltaic and thermal conversion technologies.
8. The thermionic emission cooling employing hetero structure is a high efficient cooling method.
9. Accordingly, the I-V characteristics of N and P type DBRs due to three kinds of current mechanisms:the drift-diffusion, pure drift and thermionic emission currents, have been analyzed theoretically.
10. A new method is proposed for analysing ionization mechanism of the Rydberg states of atoms and molecules with thermionic diode, and the ionization channels of BaI and Ba2 are discussed.
11. The liberation of electrons from a hot wire is called thermionic emission.
12. The electron back bombardment phenomenon in high accelerating gradient standing wave linear accelerators has been analysed in comparison with that in magnetrons and microwave thermionic guns.
13. Averaging method of neighborhood and medium filtering method are used to effectively overcome thermionic noise as result of courses of image transferring, gathering and quantization and so on.
14. The electron source may emit electrons either via field emission or thermionic emission.
15. Finally, our simulation result shows that conventional SOI SBSD-MOSFET can effectively suppress thermionic emission leakage current, but it still can not suppress tunneling leakage current.
16. Emission spectroscopic techniques are employed to study the loss of thermionic emission material barium from the cathode of a T12 fluorescent lamp.
17. The results show that the efficiency approaches to that of the caesium thermionic energy converter.
18. A high - resistance wire or ribbon forming the cathode in some thermionic tubes.
19. For this purpose, several kinds of laser-driven photocathodes, and some thermionic cathodes and field emission cathodes are applied.
20. A dynamical surface emission center model which can explain all observed phenomena in thermionic cathodes is proposed.
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