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Thermal resistance in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2019-01-09Updated:2019-01-09
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1 Those parts of the envelope where the thermal resistance is significantly lower are described as cold bridges.
2 In general, these microorganisms have less thermal resistance than Clostridium botulinum and require less - severe thermal processes.
3 Aluminium powder organosilicon thermal resistance paint1. Composed:Organosilicon thermal resin, aluminite powder, assistant, solvent.
4 Then, the performance requirement of the thermal resistance material was analyzed and several types of material with reasonable performance of thermal resistance were chosen.
5 It is low thermal resistance and electrically non - conductive.
6 Curves of internal thermal resistance of different typical structures vs. heating chip areas and external resistance vs. package surface areas are plotted.
7 Thermal conductivity was enhanced for reducing the contact thermal resistance.
8 The difference of thermal resistance of fabric with different surface structure is studied in this paper.
9 At last, influences of the suit thermal resistance and impermeability index to body hot load ware analyzed with the modal built above.
10 The effective thermal resistance and the effective coefficient of heat transfer during the formation of fouling are defined.
11 According to the mathematics relation between thermal resistance and temperature, controlling the voltage and electric current of thermal resistance invariable to realize the constancy of temperature.
12 Experimental to study the thermal performance and thermal resistance factor of staggered mini - duct heat sinks.
13 The space shuttle uses specially designed ceramic tiles with very high thermal resistances to prevent conduction during re-entry.
14 Amendment 2 - Electric cables - Calculation of the current rating - Part 2 - 1: Thermal resistance - Calculation of thermal resistance.
15 In the measurement procedures of die bonding process, we apply infrared system to measure the thermal resistance and use bonding tester to estimate the die shear strength.
16 For the deep research, we apply the discrete thermodynamic analysis and define the concept of the virtual thermal resistance in the heat control of the machine tool guide.
17 Engineering ceramic materials have attractive properties: high hardness, high thermal resistance, chemical inertness, low thermal conductivity and low fracture toughness etc.
18 Because of the influences of such factors as machining tolerance etc. , the contact thermal resistance between chip and cold plate can't be controlled effectively.
19 A new method of pulse measurement is presented for reference thermal resistance test based on the electrical measurement method.
20 The ammonia synthesis catalyst exhibited higher intensity and catalytic activity low temperature, and good thermal resistance.
21 The mechanism and causes of micro - view that produces thermal resistance are analysed in this paper.
22 Beginning with burn-in model,( this paper describes the importance of thermal resistance a parameter of it.
23 The model of heat transfer is put forward through analyzing thermal resistance network ofgravitate heat pipe.
24 Its features are high density, high strength, high corrosion resistance, high thermal resistance and volume stability.
25 The results show that the boundary resistance cannot be neglected in the calculation of thermal resistance for SOI devices.
26 A hotbox method is devised for field measurements of envelopes thermal resistance in non-heating seasons.
27 Among them, the DC millivolt table testing is often used in the experiment, the thermocouples used to measure the thermal resistance of such sensitive components of the small-signal detection.
28 It is derived from the analysis that increase in LHP numbers can increase the thermal efficiency to 0.6, due to the reduction of thermal resistance of the thermosiphon units.
29 A new method of pulse measurement is presented for reference thermal resistance test base on the electrical measurement method.
30 We also find that under isothermal boundary condition, due to heat can be distributed in time, the internal thermal resistance and heat distribution leading role on the module temperature rises.
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