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Theory of evolution in a sentence

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Similar words: evolutionrevolutiondevolutionrevolutionaryrevolutionizegreen revolutionfrench revolutionorganic evolutionMeaning: n. (biology) a scientific theory of the origin of species of plants and animals. 
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1. Natural selection is a key element of Darwin's theory of evolution.
2. Darwin's theory of evolution was a watershed dividing the old way of thinking from the new.
3. Huxley was an exponent of Darwin's theory of evolution.
4. Every AIDS patient is a monument to the theory of evolution.
5. It is now possible to summarize the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution.
6. Scopes was forbidden to teach Darwin's theory of evolution, but he defied the law.
7. No wonder his theory of evolution remains, today, a visceral point of contention.
8. This second approach relies heavily on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.
9. The theory of evolution has to do much more than that.
10. Darwin postulated the modern theory of evolution.
11. Charles Darwin, in his theory of evolution by means of natural selection, stressed the role of competition.
12. The theory of evolution by natural selection reached out far beyond biology, and therein lies its significance.
13. Zimmer said that the theory of evolution fascinates him, because it explains how all forms of life emerge and develop, from 3.5 billion years ago to today.
14. Huxley an exponent of Darwin's theory of evolution.
15. Huxlay was an exponent of Darwin's theory of evolution.
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16. The theory of evolution did not originate with Darwin.
17. This is a clear exposition of the theory of evolution.
18. So when scientists talk aboutthe theory of evolution — or the atomic theory or the theory ofrelativity, for that matter — they are not expressing reservationsabout its truth.
19. The theory of evolution tells us that man develop from apes. Orthograde way is a key step in man development.
20. But science has good answers to these challenges to the theory of evolution.
21. Contrary to popular myth Darwin was not thunderstruck by the theory of evolution during his voyage on the Beagle.
22. His ideology of painting synthesized complex influence of Kant, Schopenhauer, Delacroix, Hugo, Rodin, Baudelaire, and affected by the impact of Darwin's theory of evolution.
23. English natural scientist whose 'On the Origin of Species' formulated a theory of evolution by natural selection (1809-1882).
24. The current teaching situation of organic evolution in America high school tells us: be on your guard against antievolution thought and persist the theory of evolution.
25. The remarkable life on the Galopagos Islands inspired Charles Darwin to establish his theory of evolution.
26. Many thought that science had a key in Darwin's theory of evolution.
27. He notes that since Samuel Butler wrote "Darwin Among the Machines, " just four years after Darwin's book appeared, there have been efforts to fashion a theory of evolution of technology.
28. For example, fossil records, DNA evidence and biogeography are connected under the theory of evolution.
29. Genetic Algorithm (GA) is a global optional algorithm, which is based on the random seeking of the theory of evolution, natural selection and the theory of inheritance.
30. On the other hand only 16 percent of born-again Christians, compared to 43 percent of Catholics and 30 percent of Protestants, believe in Darwin's theory of evolution.
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