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The pits in a sentence

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Sentence count:73Posted:2018-07-11Updated:2018-07-11
Similar words: pay the piperfeel the pinchget the picturein the pipelineout of the pictureepithetepitomefire pitMeaning: n. any place of pain and turmoil. 
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1. The comedian's performance was the pits!
2. It was a better community then when all the pits were working.
3. Mary Ann asked him how dinner had been. "The pits," he replied.
4. Most boys in the village worked in the pits.
5. The hotel we stayed in was the pits!
6. The food in this restaurant is the pits!
7. Cut the olives into small slices and discard the pits.
8. The pits at the Midrips and Wicks near the boundary with Kent no longer hold water.
9. Which Minister is the pits with the miners whose livelihoods now hang in the balance?
10. Teams of contractors dig the pits for farmers.
11. Even when the Government have closed the pits, their vendetta against our communities continues.
12. Wouldn't it be the pits if your flight got canceled?
13. The doors then lower over the pits so that the vehicles can emerge.
14. The pits have become lakes and the land around them is damp or waterlogged.
15. In the pits they didn't shut down they put their own breed of managers, under-managers and deputies ....
16. Two cars can be accommodated over the pits, which have wheel-drops.
17. With the beginning of the closure programme in the pits the situation changed dramatically.
18. There are a lot of interesting birds on the pits.
19. The company refused to pay - I think it's the pits.
20. So it is with the young prospects we throw into the pits of the courtroom.
21. And this time I got in-well, to Loyola, which everybody thought was really the pits.
22. It looks almost as bad as in the mining towns of Yorkshire after the pits had closed.
23. The companies' main concerns, however, were with social control of their workforces outside the pits.
24. There were 86.6 million tonnes of recoverable coal in the pits, which have already ceased production, according to Boyds.
25. I have heard of some stupid fashion details in my time, but this is the pits.
26. David Park had been born and reared in New Cumnock and had worked in the pits in the area.
27. It advances as a fast loser, but rolls into the pits listing hard to port, like a ship going down.
28. At several sites, protesting miners were reported to have gone down the pits and stayed there following the pits.html
29. Does he expect us to be convinced by his words about the prevalence of cholera in the pits?
30. But, he admitted yesterday that there were only two ways to save the pits - government subsidies or higher electricity prices.
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