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Thawed in a sentence

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Sentence count:59+5 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-09-20Updated:2017-09-20
Similar words: awedclawedflawedoutlawedoverawedthawthawingwith a willMeaning: [θɔː] adj. 1. no longer frozen solid 2. no longer frozen. random good picture
1. The snow thawed in the sun.
2. The ice thawed in the sun.
3. A couple of sherries thawed out the guests.
4. The sun at noon thawed the snow on the roof.
5. Has the meat thawed out yet?
6. A cup of coffee thawed out the guest.
7. The negotiation thawed out the hostile relations between the two countries.
8. She thawed out by the fire.
9. Make sure the meat has thawed completely before cooking.
10. The sun came out and thawed the ice.
11. He thawed after sitting at a fire for a while.
12. His shyness thawed under her kindness.
13. The lake thawed in March.
14. The sun thawed the ice and melted the snow.
15. The little girl's smile thawed the angry old man.
16. Relations between the two countries thawed a little after the talks.
17. The girl thawed her frozen hands in front of the fire.
18. She thawed out the frozen meat in the microwave oven.
19. The food in the freezer had thawed during a power cut.
20. The frozen chicken thawed out half an hour later.
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21. The ground has thawed out.
22. Her hospitality thawed out his aloof manner.
23. As the Cold War thawed, defense budgets shrank.
24. Thawed by the meal, we've eased back together.
25. In the day they dripped steadily and almost thawed, and then from dusk to the following sunrise they were slowly reformed.
26. What if she thawed out and is planning to garrotte Matthew Kelly with one of his own sparkly waistcoats?
27. Empty the fridge, wipe it out, collect up thawed water from its freezer section and leave the door propped open.
28. Now it has thawed again, and there is a huge difference.
29. The old nun was as imperious as ever , but visibly thawed when she saw the children.
30. The alluvial soil on which the city stood was frozen all year round but thawed a few feet down during the summer.
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