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Ternate in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2018-05-16Updated:2018-05-16
Similar words: alternatealternatelyinternational watersalternate currentinternational date lineprivate international lawhibernatealternatorMeaning: ['tɜrneɪt /tɜː-] adj. of a leaf shape; consisting of three leaflets or sections. 
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1 These are known as Ternate Bridges as they cross three rivers at their confluence and form a natural ring road.
2 Leaves ternate or 1-2-pinnate, rarely simple or 3-pinnate; leaflets usually ovate, oblong.
3 Objective:To determine the alkaloids content of Pinellia ternate in different growing time for finding out the best harvest time.
4 Ternate Bridges are propitious symbols in the eyes of the local residents and they walk over them for good luck during wedding or birthday parties.
5 In germplasm evaluation studies of Pinellia ternate, the assaying methods of extractives and total alkaloid are established.
6 The effects of Pinellia ternate Breit protein on early murine pregnancy were studied.
7 The water - soluble guanosine in Pinellia ternate cultivated is similar to that in Pinellia ternate wiled.
8 Leaves ternate . Flowers in terminal, many-flowered inflorescences.
9 Objective: To provide the reference for standard of harvesting and processing of pinellia ternate.
10 And with the harmonious and melodic development of the ternate bodi...
11 There were different states of morphogenesis when leaves of Pinellia ternate were cultured on MS medium containing different phytohormones.
12 Results There is a relationship between the contents of heavy metals in rhizome of Pinellia ternate(Thunb. )Breit. and its cultivated soil.
13 Using the medium of different hormone proportion, the differentiation of one-step-seedling formation with the different explant of Pinellia ternate was researched.
14 Objective: To optimize the extraction process of total free organic acids in Pinellia ternate Breit.
15 Finally,( draw up a draft quality standard of Pinellia ternate and its products in order to perfect quality standard existed. Also provide basis for company and government.
16 Conclusion: This method was simple, accurate and can be used to estimate the quality of Pinellia Ternate(prepared by ginger).
17 Objective: To study the effects of salicylic acid of different concentration on the growth of Pinellia ternate .
18 The solution, based on ABB's industry-leading Expert Optimizer? process optimization system, was installed in the kiln and cooler sections of Holcim's Ternate cement plant in northern Italy.
19 Results and Conclusion Chinese medicines such as radix ranunculus ternate have obvious effects of anti-mycobacterium tuberculosis.
20 Objective To investigate relationship between the contents of heavy metals in rhizome of Pinellia ternate (Thunb. )Breit and its cultivated soils.
21 This study shown that, the antitumor activity of the Pinellia ternate polysaccharide osculated with their structure.
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