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Tell off in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-04-12Updated:2017-04-12
Synonym: brush downSimilar words: well offsell offsmell oftell onall ofall of afall offcall offMeaning: v. reprimand. random good picture
1. He's sitting in his bedroom snivelling because he was told off for not doing his homework.
2. The pupil was told off for being careless.
3. Some soldiers were told off to dig ditches.
4. He was told off for being careless.
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5. They were told off to clean the latrines.
6. Twelve students were told off to do the cleaning.
7. The teacher told off the pupils on her fingers.
8. I got a severe telling off for not phoning him.
9. Shelley was one of those kids who was always getting told off at school.
10. He told off the employee severely.
11. I was told off for talking in class.
12. He gave them a right telling off.
13. We were told off for special duty.
14. men were told off to collect fuel.
15. I'm always being told off for being so awkward.
16. Dutch police told off two of the gang, aged 10 and 11.
17. You'll get told off if you're caught doing that.
18. Roberts' eyes widen, as if Gibson was the school bad boy and had just told off the principal.
19. Did you get told off?
20. I finned madly for the surface, and was told off very severely for making an ascent like a pricked balloon.
21. The first section tell off inharmoniousness between electron operation and law.
22. The old man like to tell off - color joke.
23. I am also bossy and happy to tell off teenage boys in the street when misbehaving.
24. Be careful to tell off - color joke at work.
25. How do you tell off someone who is old enough to be your father?
26. The farmers used a special system of counting to tell off their sheep.
More similar words: well offsell offsmell oftell onall ofall of afall offcall offpull offkill offbe full offull of beansall of a suddenbill of ladinga hill of beansbill of rightstellbill of attaindertellerhellostellarforetellbellowsell outyellowmellowfellowdwell onspell outsmell out
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