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Tell of in a sentence

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Similar words: tell offsell offwell offwell-offselloffsmell ofspeak well oftell on
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1. Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought. 
2. Many graduates tell of months spent in search of gainful employment.
3. The dame tell of her experience as a wife and mother.
4. I've often heard tell of such things.
5. Abandoned mines perforate the hills and tell of short but acute prosperity.
6. One side will tell of its heroism in battle[], the other would prefer its defeat to lie undisturbed.
7. They tell of phone numbers one can call for horoscopes, fortunes, curses, cures.
8. First reports of the air crash tell of more than 50 casualties.
9. They tell of an army of warriors who fought a terrible war.
10. They'd tell of a tragedy on the cliffs, a death that wasn't what it had seemed to be.
11. She had tales to tell of him as a small boy, as a young man.
12. The chapters preceding this one tell of the Passover and the miracle at the Reed Sea.
13. My purpose is to tell of bodies that have been changed into shapes of different kinds. Ovid 
14. Several tell of the adventures of Sir Tristram and Sir Gawin.
15. I often hear tell of a so - called robot.
16. What can you tell of WoG 3.59? What awaits us in it? New features, monsters, campaigns? Of course, if there would be any - that's just my guess.
17. He who lives to tell of it, or who remembers it in years to come, should with open eyes and a proud heart cast his thoughts back to the city beside the Volga, the Golgotha of the Sixth Army.
18. It seems that every week the Chinese media tell of a hospital denying treatment that costs only $50, leading to the death of a poor person who had no cash on him.
19. She has heard tell of her mother's theatrical glories, which she longs to emulate.
19. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
20. The author tell of the godlike courage of a young man.
21. Survivors tell of experiencing painful erections that last for more than four hours—a medical ailment known as priapism.
22. This story tell of two clerisy , Juansheng and Zijun's , whom was awaked by their love. they ever pursued enthusiastically bardian release and marital freedom.
23. Germanic myths tell of the gods' great hall of gold, and as Christian churches and monasteries gained wealth, they acquired golden sacramental objects.
24. No one has ever looked on them and lived to tell of it, for they are greedy for the souls of Humans.
25. To this day a few of the fields around the village tell of its past history.
26. The driver, who is stuck with a truckload of oranges, called his company to tell of his ordeal.
27. The needles splinter the wind into dirges and laments that tell of the long and tragic history of the trees.
28. But friend, lay up your self-confidence first, I can nowise show consideration tell of noodles you:You are wrong!
29. Let us embark on the first ship tomorrow, before dawn can tell of our elopement!
30. Rare, indeed, is the Harlem citizen, from the most circumspect church member to the most shiftless adolescent, who does not have a long tale to tell of police incompetence, injustice, or brutality.
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