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Telencephalon in a sentence

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Similar words: encephalondiencephalonmesencephalonencephaloceleelectroencephalogramelectroencephalographelectroencephalographyencephalopathyMeaning: n. the anterior division of the forebrain; the cerebrum and related parts of the hypothalamus. 
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1. Conclusion The cells from fetal rat telencephalon possess multipotency and self renew ability and is believed to be BSCs of the central nervous system.
2. Conclusion PBR expression is high in the telencephalon of schistosomiasis mice with liver fibrosis.
3. Neurogenesis occurs in some areas of the telencephalon of adult songbirds.
4. Neuronal circuitry for centrifugal modulation in visual information processing. Visual information is transmitted and processed from the retina to the telencephalon where visual perception results.
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5. The afferent projections of the orbital cortex were studied from telencephalon in rat.
6. In the brains, vacuoles were mainly apparent in the telencephalon, the diencephalon and the cerebellum.
7. In addition, the expression of GPR78 displayed the levels in tendency to decrease from telencephalon to metencephalon during embryonic period.
8. The afferent projections of the orbital cortex were studied from telencephalon in rat. Methods: HRP retrograde tracing technique.
9. Conclusion: The NPY has a widespread distribution not only in the telencephalon and hypothalamus, but also in the pons .
10. Objective To investigate the spatial distribution of apoptotic neurons in developing telencephalon of chicken embryo.
11. The most anterior of the three primary regions of the embryonic brain from which the telencephalon and diencephalon develop.
12. Confirmed by experiment, Radial Glia can generate virtually all cortical projection neurons but not the interneurons originating in the ventral telencephalon.
13. Besides, the shape and size of neurons within the telencephalon are in poor differentiation.
14. There is no correlation between the preventive reaction of Chinese herbs on the abnormity of cytomorphology of neurocyte and the changes of EPO contents in the cortex of telencephalon .
15. In medicine and anatomy, the use of the term to refer to the telencephalon.
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