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Tatar in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2018-04-19Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: metatarsalgo off at a tangentqatarat a runavatartuataracatarrhcataractMeaning: ['tɑːtə] n. 1. a member of the Mongolian people of central Asia who invaded Russia in the 13th century 2. a member of the Turkic-speaking people living from the Volga to the Ural Mountains (the name has been attributed to many other groups) 3. the Turkic language spoken by the Tatar living from the Volga to the Ural Mountains. 
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1. Tatar Gorby Might this be the time for Mikhail Gorbachev's big comeback?
2. Tatar raids depopulated whole areas of Ukraine.
3. Long before the Exodus a Tatar spat in his blood.
4. Long ago the Exodus a Tatar spat in his blood.
5. The questions arising round Zubu and Tatar may be called a puzzle of the last century.
6. Before becoming Muslims, the Tatar people, like most of the Turkic-speaking peoples, once believed in various forms of the original worship too.
7. But only on north mountains Tatar horses neigh.
8. Tatar tear out four, according to Hulunbeier grassland, increase in strength.
9. Department of Tatar people in 1897.
9. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
10. I recognized one musician who had long hair and the slanted eyes of a Tatar.
11. The general was campaigning for the right of the Crimean Tatars to return to their homeland.
12. Already in August 1709 the Khan offered Charles a Tatar escort of up to 40 thousand horsemen which would accompany him from Turkey via Poland to Swedish Pomerania.
13. Meanwhile, Exxon and its partners have just sent their first oil across the Tatar Strait.
14. Rachmaninov was born in Semyonovo, near Novgorod in north-western Russia, into a noble family of Tatar descent, who had been in the service of the Russian tsars since the 16th century.
15. After the defeat of the Big Horde in 1502, the Crimean Khanate became the most important of all the Tatar Khanates into which the Golden Horde split during the 15th century.
16. The period is virtually stamped in his wild boy, androgynous, Tatar image.
17. The first part comb out the history, district, festival of Tatar minority and introduce mainly Qitai county Daquan countryside, which is named Tatar minority countryside.
18. Really close to a serpent, and itself a Russian rendering of Tatar language, such as snake.
19. A path-breaking step on the way to restoration of statehood of the Tatar people was the declaration of the Tatars Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 1920.
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