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Tally up in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2018-06-13Updated:2018-06-13
Similar words: belly-upfly uptallyfatallyvitallytotallytallyingmortally
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1. Have they tallied up the for and against?
2. When we tallied up the cost of moving, we decided against it.
3. Bookkeepers haven't yet tallied up the total cost.
4. If the game's over I'll tally up.
5. We have tallied up the total of the account.
6. She tallied up the revelations, and put all the signs of apathy and bafflement out of mind.
7. The children squealed with delight when Karen tallied up the poker chips and announced that Jennifer and Bryan had the highest scores.
8. He was in the office from morning to the late evening, calling in his chips, tallying up his victory.
9. Vernadsky tallied up the billions of organisms on Earth and considered their collective impact upon the material resources of the planet.
10. If you've been considering bariatric surgery, tally up all your expenses upfront so you'll know your liability down the line.
11. Finally, in end language, tally up this time graduate to design the experience in the process.
12. I tally up the reason of failure. first, the nervous that I express, the second, my language voices of not enough clear, the third. the not enough profession that is expressional.
13. Tally up the three paths of variant design based modular matrix, which make the product variant design can be easily brought into effect.
14. So, here I tally up a research for some concerning to molding the artistic gymnastics athlete body beautiful and a few methods combining proceeding below.
15. It is now difficult to tally up the for and against.
16. Finally tally up full text and explained to stay at the problem of further research.
16. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
17. If and when you tally up your calories at the end of a meal or a day, do your calculations take into account what you drank?
18. Gillespie: Can we tally up a score and say are we more free, or less free, or are we moving in the right direction?
19. Tally up your costs, including printing, graphic design, artwork, photography, copy editing and other expenses.
20. Tally up working experience, and point out some familiar problems in air conditioning design. Analysis to each problem, and put forward a related suggestion.
21. Use an Excel or Google spreadsheet, even just pencil and paper, to tally up all your cash, bonds, stocks, funds and other investments.
22. Combining the basic circumstance of the pavement basic level, study the cement, the powdered coal ash stable grain to tally up the characteristics of it.
23. It accompanies with everybody's life process, need people to constantly tally up, refine in the fulfillment, is the body of sign of person of originally.
24. Methods Analyse the 56 case of THIS and inquiry into it to be taken bad reason and clinical characteristics, tally up diagnosis and treatment experience.
25. And the combination teaching practice to take into the analysis research tally up application to compose teaching inside should five point links that hold.
26. Mankind have first the language, having the writing behind, in perfect process in writing, people tally up an important theories for the literature is phonetic---grammar.
27. NEW YORK ( CNNMoney . com ) -- Sitting down ? It's time to tally up the federal government's bailout tab.
28. The Lan Hui is to listen to know, a host of words tally up into one be'she tangled a waist'just, truly enough troublesome.
29. It's your worst nightmare: your credit card bill arrives, but the figures don't tally up.
30. This text passes the analysis in the SME of comparison advantage and strategy fixed position, inducing to tally up can supply a few strategy that win SME's choice.
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