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T-junction in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-11-07Updated:2017-11-07
Similar words: junctioninjunctiondisjunctionconjunctionnondisjunctionin conjunction withproduction functionunctionMeaning: n. a junction where two roads or pipes etc. meet to form a T. random good picture
1. The road ended at a T-junction.
2. Fernhill Rise meets Fernhill Avenue at a T-junction.
3. h-plane t-junction and E - plane transverse iris band pass filters are used in the diplexer structure.
4. As a kind of spatial power combiner, the T-junction waveguide power combiner is very suitable for millimeter-wave.
5. The T-junction channel used for the electromagnetic transfer system was designed, then liquid metal flows from the channel to the shot sleeve was simulated with software FLOW-3D.
6. The test results show that by controlling the T-junction and riser tube's resistance coefficients, the unbalanced riser flow distribution has been achieved.
7. With further research on such maldistribution , the T-junction acting as phase separator of two-phase flows has gradually caught attention of petrochemical and chemical industries.
8. The S-parameters of symmetric stripline T-junction are studied by using of the concept of equivalent parallel plane waveguide and the method of mode analysis.
9. At last the scattering parameters of the T-junction can be derived.
10. Walk directions With petrol station on left, follow road to T-junction.
11. Keep left just before church then turn right at T-junction.
12. Reach farm road, turn right along it then left at T-junction.
13. You will rejoin the main leisure route by turning right at the next main T-junction.
14. From then on, the driver did not have the guts approaching that T-junction anymore.
15. In the paper, FDTD is used to analyze the propagation properties of several T-junction waveguides, with left -handed materials (LHMs).
16. Generally speaking, microwave passive components are composed of a series of key blocks such as waveguide step discontinuity and T-junction, etc.
17. A mathematical model of inverse heat conduction problem is presented to identify unsteady temperature of inner wall of a T-junction according to the known the temperature of outer wall.
18. From the simulation result we can see that the waveguide T-junction achieves good matching in wide frequency band.
19. I was walking leisurely on the sidewalk when I heard a loud crash of two vehicles just at the T-junction about 10 meters away.
20. If you turn right from the hotel gate and walk along the compound wall for about 2-3min,[] you will see some small restaurants grouped around a T-junction.
21. This paper describes the calculation of the scattering parameters of a T-junction of rectangular waveguide having arbitrary cross-section by the method of moments.
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