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System clock in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-11-14Updated:2017-11-14
Similar words: closed systemalarm clockcaste systemsystemsystemicsubsystemsi systemecosystemMeaning: n. 1. a time-of-day clock in a computer system 2. an electronic device in a computer that issues a steady high-frequency signal that synchronizes all the internal components. 
1) Using Date or Time unfortunately doesn't alter the system clock for good.
2) Based on the system clock and trigger input signals, using FPGA to generate trigger output signals in given working modes.
3) Please correct your system clock before program again.
4) The OSC provides the system clock signal, it can works under three modes: fixed frequency mode, external clock synchronous mode and idle mode.
5) System clock can be external oscillator circuit, or any provision of an internal oscillator.
6) Calendar events show up in the system clock , so you never miss an important meeting.
7) This method effectively prevents protraction of shorten of system clock.
8) VHDL system clock circuIt'suitable for a certain programming experience, you want to help.
9) Please correct your system clock before trying to run this program again.
10) A set of universal - time - system clock has to be equipped on it.
11) This function is called to read the system clock.
12) Shows the system clock? Yun Ju low was defeated?
13) TIMES$ A 24 character long string pseudo-variable which reads and sets the system clock.
14) Occurs when the user changes the time on the system clock.
15) Post simulation waveform has 15.02 ns delay time than system clock edge as add device andwire delay.
16) As for the high precision positioning of underwater targets[],( clock.html) the GPS sonobuoy technique has two bottlenecks: high precision system clock synchronization and high accuracy time delay estimation.
17) A binary tree routing topology is designed for propagating the system clock and trigger signal and the accurate timing and synchronization between sensors are provided by CPLD.
18) In clock generating circuit, we choose RC oscillation circuit as clock scheme to supply system clock source.
19) Base on above several topics, the thesis categorizes transmitter system in signal conversion, system clock method, signaling method.
20) Clock cycle The time between two ticks of a computer's system clock.
21) The invention achieves the functions of software for receiving and transmitting a precision synchronous clock protocol message and adjusting and calibrating a system clock.
22) Clock Tree Synthesis is important in the backend-end design of chip design, and the clock skew has become the major part of constraints that limit system clock frequency.
23) A binary tree muting topology is designed for propagating the system clock and trigger signal and the accurate timing and synchronization between sensors are provided by CPLD.
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