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System bus in a sentence

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1 The SOC design and implementation of the spacecraft system bus was studied, for example of the 1553B bus controller.
2 The PCMCIA controller bridges the card to the system bus. It maps card memory to host I/O and memory windows and routes interrupts generated by the card to a free processor interrupt line.
3 The SCA System Bus is used by the SCA runtime for asynchronous communication between SCA components and SCA modules.
4 This destination is set in the SCA system bus system exception destination.
5 This paper explains the function of the System Bus of a microcomputer, and analyses the trend to PCI local Bus.
6 Crossbar switch is significant to the expansion of system bus and interconnection of multi processors.
7 There will be a persistent system bus, which is started at boot time.
8 The system bus connects the CPU with the Northbridge chip.
9 The system bus operates at 400 MHz, providing up to 6.4GB/second of bus bandwidth.
10 The communication path called system bus organizes these blocks around.
11 Similarly, the system bus is organized in several independent layers for multiple simultaneous transfers.
12 From the admin console, find the SCA system bus, which typically follows this naming convention: SCA.SYSTEM.$cellName.Bus.
13 Universal Controller – System Bus?
14 One or two subsystems can be configured on a single SCSI system bus.
15 They are :coin circuit module , data flow controller module ,( SDRAM array module and system bus interface module . The rear card composed of four odules .
16 Autonomous external devices and signals having no bus-compatible signals and no temporal relationship with the system bus signal cannot be connected to the system bus directly.
17 Thus, it is important to study protocols and implementation of system bus to hide memory latency and increase memory access rate.
18 The research and practice of this dissertation complete the design of a bus bridge module which between the on-chip system bus and the peripheral bus.
19 The difficulty and the method of implement pluggable technology will be introduced including the safety of laser, the surge current of plug and the safety of system bus.
20 In general, all the regular destinations created on the SCA system bus will be configured to route failed messages to the recovery exception destination.
21 When WebSphere JDBC Adapter delivers events to the queue in the SCA system bus, it is possible that events fail to be delivered to the recipient of events due to unexpected factors.
22 For example, we wouldn't want ordinary user-level code to gain access to the system bus and directly read internal communication.
23 This subject designs the detection system, including mainframe program, auxiliary machinery hardware and program, system bus and sensor design.
24 Of course, if an application wants to receive messages from the system bus, it can connect to it as well -- but the messages it can send will be restricted.
25 Figure 7 shows that all events being delivering are stored in the queue of the SCA system bus.
26 For example, you wouldn't want ordinary user-level code to be able to gain access to the system bus and directly read internal communication.
27 Bus monitor, as the interface between the MIS and space camera electronic system, can receive all communication data on the camera system bus and ensure sufficient monitor.
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