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Synthase in a sentence

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1. Preliminary results indicated that the stilbene synthase gene could enhance the resistance of transgenic plants and their progenies to both pathogens.
2. Nitric Oxide Synthase, N-terminal, Rabbit anti-Human, Rat; frozen, IH.
3. The up regulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase ( iN OS ) often negatively modulates myocardial function.
4. A method improved for the assay of glycogen synthase ( GS ) is proposed in the present study.
5. Objective To obtain information of Chalcone synthase gene in Hypericum perforatum, the character of this gene and its product protein were analyzed by a series of bioinformatics software.
6. It is prepared for using the stilbene synthase gene to transform plant for producing the resveratrol in fruit.
7. Chitin synthase is the important enzyme that converts UDP - GlcNAc to chitin.
8. In the extraction of ACC Synthase from etiolated hypocotyls of soybean, the main activity was found lying in saturation with ammonium sulfate in the range of 40%-60%.
9. Objective To determine the mechanism of nitric oxide synthase(NOS) and prostacyclin(PGI2) acting on splanchnic hyperdynamic circulation of portal hypertension(PHT).
10. Chalcone synthase ( CHS ) gene is the key gene during the pathway of synthesizing anthocyanidin.
11. Allene oxide synthase ( AOS ) is a key enzyme for JA biosynthesis.
12. Conclusions Nitric oxide synthase might play an important role in the oncogenesis and development of choriocarcinoma .
13. Objective To investigate expression of Nitric Oxide Synthase ( NOS ) in rat kidney with acute ischemia.
13. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
14. The stilbene synthase(STS) is the key regulation enzyme.
15. Two inhibitors of spermidine synthase, N - chlorosulfonyl dicyclohexylamine ( CSD ) and dicyclohexylamine hydrochloride were synthesized.
16. The localization of nitric - oxide synthase ( NOS ) in Dugesia japonica has been studied with NADPH - d histochemistry method.
17. Objective To clone the terpene synthase gene from Santalum album L. which participates in the synthesis of essential oil.
18. There is a renewed interest in the ultimate role of fatty acid synthase (FASN) —a key lipogenic enzyme catalysing the terminal steps in the denovo biogenesis of fatty acids — in cancer pathogenesis.
19. Objective To investigate the effect of Naja naja atra venom on the expressions of nitric oxide synthase(NOS) in certain Nuclei of Pons in Rat.
20. Objective:To investigate the effect of added zinc on levels of nitric oxide(NO) and activities of nitric oxide synthase(NOS) in renal tissue of cataractous rats.
21. Objective To study the effects of Icariin on nitric oxide(NO) production and nitric oxide synthase(NOS) activity in rabbit clitoral corporal smooth muscle cells(RCSMC).
22. More and more people pay attention to the transgenic plants of stilbene synthase to improve plant disease tolerance and quality.
23. Objective To observe the influence of berberine on vasoactive substances of gastric mucous coat, including nitric oxide(NO), nitric oxide synthase(NOS) and endothelin(ET) in mice with gastric ulcer.
24. Fatty acid biosynthesis in soybean seed takes place in plastids. A number of enzymes are involved in this synthesis such as acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACCase), fatty acid synthase complex ( FAS) and etc.
25. Adenosine stimulated a significant arteriolar nitric oxide (NO) production and dilation, which were sensitive to NO synthase inhibitor L-NMMA.
26. In this article, we reviewed the role of chalcone synthase in phenylpropanoids pathway and its progress in expression pattern, function characters and evolution of chalcone synthase genes.
27. NADPH- diaphorase histochemistry was used to study the distribution of Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS)-Positive neurons in the hypothalamus of adult cat.
28. CYP93G2 is related to the CYP93B subfamily, which consists of dicot flavone synthase II enzymes.
29. There is evidence for several potential sources of NO in plants, including nitric oxide synthase (NOS), nitrate reductase (NR), xanthine oxidoreductase or nonenzymatic sources.
30. Imidazolinones are broad spectrum herbicides . Their target is the enzyme acetohydroxyacid synthase. Through mutagenesis and selection a series of imidazolinone herbicide-resistant crops were created.
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