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Syntactic analysis in a sentence

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1. Similarly any predictions from syntactic analysis must contain the correct code.
2. However for examples 2 and 4, syntactic analysis would not identify any problems, because they are grammatically acceptable.
3. The first approach is to perform syntactic analysis first then have a second pass convert the syntactic tree to a semantic representation.
4. The syntactic analysis revolves mainly around the study of adverbial and participial structures in the narrative.
5. A syntactic analysis of quotations in Chinese and Japanese reveals differences in quoting between these two languages.
6. The third section is the syntactic analysis of"lao2"and"lao3", which describes the syntactic function of them, the combination ability of"lao2"and the special syntactic position of"lao3".
7. Chinese syntactic analysis method based on LR algorithm is presented in this paper.
8. The syntactic analyzer makes lexical analysis and syntactic analysis on the query, and sets up syntactic tree from the structure of the query.
9. Japanese syntactic analysis is the kernel content in natural language processing and machine translation.
10. There are two representations in the functional syntactic analysis within systemic functional grammar. One is a box diagram; the other is a tree diagram.
11. This thesis focuses on the syntactic analysis of the raising verb under raising construction in GB.
12. Hillier W. , et. al. " Syntactic Analysis of Settlements. " Architecture and Behavior 3 (1986-87).
13. An efficient probabilistic syntactic analysis algorithm uses a table of function words and a set of probabilistic(context-free) rules containing the function words in the syntactic analysis.
14. In English syntactic analysis, four phrasal categories are commonly recognized and discussed. They are noun phrase(NP), verb phrase(VP), prepositional phrases(PP), adjective phrase(AP).
15. But what is routine in phonological analysis often presents problems in syntactic analysis.
16. Analysed corpora contain not only the tags of each of the words but also a syntactic analysis of each extract.
16. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
17. This model allowed only semantic analysis, output from the syntactic analysis and feedback to the lexical and syntactic analysis was forbidden.
18. Brown suggests that large improvements may be achieved by incorporating simple morphological and/or syntactic analysis based on probabilistic methods.
19. Experiment results on MatLink indicate that it can reduce the complexity of syntactic analysis, and also improve the correct rate and analysis efficiency of nature language processing.
20. This paper presents fhe The algorithm, knowledge representation and system structure of the chinese syntactic analysis system (CSAS) are presented.
21. The process of the intelligent scoring is divided into three main steps:Chinese word segmentation, syntactic analysis and similarity computation.
22. A conclusion is put forward that the application of syntactic analysis in reading teaching greatly benefits students.
23. Use of structural information and lexicalization are two of the main challenges facing syntactic analysis, and they are investigated in this paper.
24. Syntactic score and semantic score are used for disambiguiting during syntactic analysis and semantic analysis phases.
25. This dissertation is based on Japanese - Chinese Machine Translation System and discusses the Japanese syntactic analysis method.
26. Having introduced the compile technology into the process of NC code analysis, the process of NC code compile is divided into three stages:Lexical Analysis, Syntactic Analysis and NC Code Conversion.
27. Principally depending on word collocation information, its deep analysis module combines syntactic analysis and semantic analysis to determine sentence structure.
28. The capital theory is discussed firstly, based on the theory a syntactic analysis of machine translation method is proposed.
29. Recognizing the predicate head is an important part of the syntactic analysis of Chinese sentences.
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