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Synonym in a sentence

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Antonym: antonymSimilar words: synonymoussynopsisantonymacronymmetonymyanonymouspseudonympatronymicMeaning: ['sɪnənɪm] n. two words that can be interchanged in a context are said to be synonymous relative to that context. random good picture
1. 'Shut' is a synonym of 'closed'.
2. In medicine, lack of progress is synonym of backwardness.
3. I was simply using that phrase as a synonym for a short, single event.
4. Midas, whose name has become a synonym for a rich man, had very little profit from his riches.
5. Money is not a synonym of happiness, but life is rough and tough without money. Dr T.P.Chia 
6. Educational technology is therefore offered as almost a synonym for systematic thinking in education.Sentence dictionary
7. Unlike the synonym, MAMzer, BENKert connotes love child, not one merely born out of wedlock.
8. Sometimes elite is used only as a synonym for leaders.
9. It is called a synonym, and will overflow from its natural home address because that is already full.
10. The Standard colorimetric reaction is a synonym for the Van Handel-Zilversmit reaction.
11. It should not have become a synonym for adoption.
12. Virion: synonym for virus particle.
13. I told people activity last longer – synonym lengthen, continuous exercise was essential.
14. The relation of hyponym, superordinate, synonym and inclusion of words have influenced our comprehension in sentence meaning.
15. The term "industrial democracy" is often used as a synonym for worker participation.
16. And then there is Euro Disney, which is fast becoming a synonym for Eurodisaster.
17. The signature at the bottom, clinched it: Jane Doe - which is a synonym for The-Woman-in-the-Street.
18. Inappropriateness is diagnosed by the fact that there exists a cognitive synonym of the selector for which the selectee is a philonym.
19. I find that the phenomenon of the Stasi is an exception: universally known and already a synonym for evil.
20. The name Piercea is, however, now treated as a synonym of Rivina.
21. It is helpful to keep a count of references to home and synonym records.
22. The home record storage area holds the address of the first synonym.
23. It is not possible to improve on equal access synonym handling in two cases.
24. Everything about the meaning of a word is not said simply by giving a synonym for it.
25. Fig. 6.8 shows how increased bucket size delays the onset of synonym occurrence in a well randomized file.
26. The fact that athletes use the term sixth sense, a synonym for ESP, lends credence to this possibility.
27. So many of the literary works having hypocrisy in their title add to it the word exposed, or a synonym.
28. And today sees his name used as a sneering synonym for the N-word-without-attitude toadying to whitey, and Mrs Stowe derided as that worst sort of white, the liberal sort.
29. The lexical word forms are the main keys, and each entry manages word senses, synonym sets, glosses, and pointers.
30. The change of the system of monosyllable includes the change of the system of synonym and antonym.
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