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Synchronal in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2018-10-09Updated:2018-10-09
Similar words: synchronysynchronicasynchronysynchronisesynchronoussynchrotronsynchronismsynchronizeMeaning: adj. occurring or existing at the same time or having the same period or phase. 
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1. There are three kinds of synchronal modes in OFDM system: symbol timing synchronization, carrier synchronization, sampling-bell synchronization.
2. Common Three-coil Motor, Frequency Motor, Synchronal Perpetuation Magnetism Motor can be tested by this system.
3. So, the study on the operating characteristics of synchronal rotary air conditioner compressor is necessary.
4. The paper presents the implementation of data's synchronal receiving , disposing and transmitting in wireless communication detailedly.
5. Synchronal level of the motor of preshrunk finish ma chine can influence product quality. By DPLL DC governing system, the circuit be comes terse, debugged easily and controlled precisely.
6. The selection of the synchronal mode and the transmission of the video can be controlled by PC. The module also has the function of failure detected.
7. Multi - channel synchronal sampling system plays an important role in array signal processing system.
8. The leakage characteristic of Synchronal Rotary Compressor is studied. The several leakage channels is analyzed and mathematics models is created.
8. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
9. In the preceding work of our project group, two control methods of UPQC based on a unified math model that are synchronal deadbeat control and directly robust control are mentioned.
10. This paper firstly introduces the current stream - media synchronal standards - SMIL and HTML + TIME, and compares their synchronal models.
11. This video signal not only can be synchronized by outside synchronal signal but also can be synchronized by inner synchronal signal.
12. A method based on sharing interface is proposed to implement synchronal cooperative design independent from operation and application system.
13. The present results may offer mathematical foundation for the design of the vane's reliability and for the optimization of the whole synchronal rotary compressor.
14. A correlation-based methodology to solve the problem of resource sharing conflict in the synchronal cooperative design process is proposed.
15. The results show that the rotating speeds of the motor and rotor are not synchronal during starting up.
16. The collimation and focus systems discussed in this paper are the important components of the synchronal radiation equipment which can change the direction of X ray and focus it.
17. On the basis of practical project, this paper presents the analysis, modeling, and implementation of Container Terminal Handling Process Simulation System as well as synchronal animation.
18. Objective:To discuss the best material and operation style of synchronal ossicular chain reconstruct for chronic suppurative otitis media patients.
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