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Synaptic in a sentence

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Similar words: synapsesynapsishaptichapticssynopticsynoptic gospelsunaptinaptMeaning: adj. (neuroscience) of or involving synapses. 
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1. Arriving at the post synaptic membrane, it causes a change in its permeability so that a new action potential begins.
2. The XY chromosome's synaptic behavior was discussed and the different development stage of SC in pachytene was described based on its sex chromosome's synaptic character.
3. The junction between the neurons is called the synaptic junction.
4. Methods The differences in pathological changes of secondary synaptic space of motor end plate of orbicularis oculi and oris muscles were observed under scanning electron microscope.
5. AMPA receptors mediate the fast excitatory synaptic transmission in the central nervous system.
6. NPY-IR amacrine cells predominantly received synaptic input from bipolar cell axon terminals (86%)[], while a few input from other amacrine cell processes (14%).
7. An influence on a post - synaptic neuron which reduces the probability that the neuron emit a spike.
8. Neurotransmitter release during synaptic transmission is mediated by presynaptic active zone.
9. Neuronal plasticity or synaptic plasticity is maximal during brain development and still exists in adult brain.
10. If you prefer using a GUI tool, the Synaptic utility (command name synaptic), shown in Figure 2, will do the job.
11. Objective To explore the expression of synaptic plasticity - associated proteins in hippocampus of rats exposed to EMP.
12. The Synaptic Package Manager offers a more advanced way of installing packages.
13. An electron microscopic analysis of the synaptic architecture in propriospinal neurons of cultured fetal mouse spinal cord has been undertaken.
14. At these synapses , most of baseline synaptic transmission is mediated by glutamate AMPA receptors.
15. Clathrin mediated endocytosis plays a key role in synaptic vesicle reformation. Recent studies have revealed some new aspects of this process and identified new molecules that participate in.
16. Neurotransmitter receptors mediate signal transduction postsynaptic membrane of synaptic connections between neurons in the nervous system.
17. Objective To investigate the relationship between synaptic structure plasticity and memory retention.
18. The first cell releases a chemical called a neurotransmitter into the synaptic gap.
19. Selective adhesion mechanisms are known to be involved in nerve-muscle recognition and control of synaptic development in several vertebrate systems.
20. Columns Z1 to Z8 show the resulting strengths of synaptic contacts between each X-input neuron and each Z-output neuron.
21. This apparent role of the cholinergic system in enhancing synaptic activity seems to be mediated by the phosphoinositide system.
22. ROGER A. NICOLL and BRADLEY E. ALGER first worked together in the late 1970s[], when they both were forming what has become an enduring interest in synaptic transmission.
23. The present invention discloses one new kind of polypeptide, human synaptic vesicle protein 9.79, polynucleotides encoding this polypeptide and DNA recombination process to produce the polypeptide.
24. Synaptic vesicles are recycled with remarkable speed and precision in nerve terminals. Clathrin mediated endocytosis plays a key role in synaptic vesicle reformation.
25. Long-term potentiation (LTP) and long-term depression (LTD), two forms of synaptic plasticity, are believed to underlie the mechanism of learning and memory.
26. Neuroglia cell is traditionally considered to be one passive part in the synaptic transmission.
27. The glial processes retraction were advantageous to form the membrane apposition of neurons and synaptic structure.
28. The first is that by interfering with neurotransmitter release by causing an initial facilitation, TSN eventually blocks synaptic transmission at both the neuromuscular junction and central synapses.
29. PubMed abstract: Long-term potentiation (LTP) is an enhancement of synaptic strength that can be produced by pairing of presynaptic activity with postsynaptic depolarization.
30. To investigate the effects of intermittent hypoxia on the hippocamp al synaptic plasticity in rat.
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