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Sweet potato in a sentence

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Sentence count:77Posted:2017-05-16Updated:2017-05-16
Similar words: hot potatoa hot potatopotatobaked potatocouch potatosweetsweetlysweetenMeaning: n. 1. pantropical vine widely cultivated in several varieties for its large sweet tuberous root with orange flesh 2. the edible tuberous root of the sweet potato vine which is grown widely in warm regions of the United States 3. egg-shaped terra cotta wind instrument with a mouthpiece and finger holes. 
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1, Please help me find a recipe for Sweet Potato Pudding.
2, Our farmers are excellent cultivators of the sweet potato.
3, The rest of the Brownies are sweet potato plants and they crouch in rows, making themselves as small as they can.
4, Sweet Potato: A red-skinned tuber used like potatoes.
5, Chemical control of sweet potato pests has had varying degrees of success, with many chemicals being too expensive.
6, Serve with Sweet Potato Polenta and garnish with herb sprigs.
7, This treat he produced by mashing a sweet potato to pulp and adding sugar, vanilla extract, and evaporated milk.
8, Sweet potato skin contains many useful nutrients in Ankang.
9, Day air - cooled, fragrant roasts sweet potato depth the Hefei resident's affection.
10, Starch phosphate monoesters were synthesized with sweet potato starches and orthophosphate mixture by the wet process.
11, Purple sweet potato colorant is a natural anthocyanin pigment derived from purple sweet potato storage roots.
12, Compared with cornstarch, sweet potato starch and mungbean starch, haricot starch has high transparence and poor freeze-thawing stability, but its retro-gradation is easy.
13, Kudzu sweet potato starch noodles: It is refined by using natural root starch.
14, Products: Sweet potato, white gourd, Chinese cabbage, persimmon, tomato, towel gourd, soybean.
15, Oh a sweet potato washing machine?
16, The wild boars left me sweet potato skin only.
17, She have become used to eating sweet potato.
18, The sweet potato powder has the advantages of high viscosity and no irritative odor and can obviously improve the taste of the ice lolly when being added into the base materials of the ice lolly.
19, Sweet potato grinder possesses several advantages: high of amylum extraction,[ potato.html] simple structure and energy consumption.
20, Even unenthusiastic vegetable eaters will be won over by the caramelized rounds of giant onion and crescents of bright orange sweet potato.
21, With the use of low-cost freshwater chub and pig fat as materials and starch of sweet potato and egg white as accessories, process of fish sponge cake was explored.
22, Sweet potato residue is the by - product of sweet potato starch process.
23, Now, you can find the snacks such as oil cake, soybean milk, New Year's cake, fried cake, tofu jelly, tea soup, roasted sweet potato, wonton and sesame cake in Beijing.
24, But when the stuff first came to me, it was something that I could enjoy like a sweet potato pie, like an ice-cream cone, or you know, like the girls that I was in love with.
25, The phellem of periderm and special morphological structure of sweet potato "Lushu 780" and "Shengli 00" play the role of a barrier to the spread and invasion of nematodes.
26, The development of biotechnology has brought new opportunities for development of crop production of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam. ).
27, The zesty pumpkin pie recipe joins others already on her site, like sweet potato salad with raisins and turkey with almonds and apricots.
28, The effect of nonprotein nitrogen on the growth of strains that can produce single cell protein in sweet potato waste is studied in this paper.
29, For example, the women from Yoruba tribe in West Africa consume plenty of cassava, a type of yam or sweet potato.
30, This paper studies the synthesis of alkyl polyglycosides by glycoside exchange of sweet potato starch, glycol and lauryl alcohol under pilot plant conditions with triple acid catalyst.
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