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Sweet corn in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2018-08-08Updated:2018-08-08
Similar words: street cornersweetsweetysweetssweetlysweetiesweetensweet peaMeaning: n. 1. a corn plant developed in order to have young ears that are sweet and suitable for eating 2. corn that can be eaten as a vegetable while still young and soft. 
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1. In order to utilize the new sweet corn population sufficiently and accelerate the course of breeding.
2. Sweet corn cook with other ingredients and 5 bowls of water.
3. It was shown that the sweet corn is a suitable catch crop.
4. Monday : Sweet corn salad, Garlic bread, Seasonal fruits, rice noodle with beef, Cucumber, Juice or yoghurt.
5. Pericarp thickness is an important quality trait of sweet corn, which decides seed tenderness directly.
6. The physiological character between sweet corn and normal corn during seed - seedling transformation was compared and analyzed.
7. DBE activity of sweet corn was extremely low and completely lost at 40 DAP.
8. Sweet Corn Soup and two Yeung Chow Fried Rice , please.
9. We ate roast chicken, sweet corn, boiled potatoes, some home - made cookies, and a wonderful berry cake.
10. Every year he grows the best tomatoes and sweet corn in our whole neighborhood.
11. Technology of quick frozen sweet corn kernel and bar is introduced in this article.
12. Imagine Organic Sweet Corn Soup is a low - fat[], meal in minutes.
13. If the climate changes a bit more, he could grow sweet corn in the south and wheat in the north.
14. Sex is good, but not as good as fresh sweet cornGarrison Keillor 
15. Among the other vegetables hit hard were cucumbers, tomatoes(, bell peppers and sweet corn.
16. I have solved the corn crisis by dedicating a single bed to growing sweet corn.
17. There was a choice of vegetarian lasagne or lamb stew with baked potatoes, sweet corn and garlic bread.
18. The equipment can solve the husking problem during the course of sweet corn deep processing, such as high damage rate, low husking rate and so on.
19. To study GC determination of fatty acid in black sweet corn oils of Jilin , China.
20. Use corn especially familial medium main member has tall lysine corn, Gao Youyu rice, dissilient corn, sweet corn, bamboo shoot corn, glutinous corn, ensiling corn.
21. During fermentation process, the biacetyl content of sour milk added with sweet corn juice was lower than that of sour milk without sweet corn juice.
22. It's extended into tomatoes and peppers, the veggies, even field corn and sweet corn, as well as soybeans, have been affected this year.
23. Salad Bar Mesclum greens, radicchio leaves, rucola leaves, iceberg, frise', Sliced cucumbers, boiled carrots, red tomato slices, sweet corn kernels, spring onions, chopped boiled eggs.
24. Enjoy the sweet, crisp flavor of fresh picked corn with Imagine Organic Sweet Corn Soup.
25. Carbohydrates were first named according to their natural sources; e.g., beet sugar, cane sugar, grape sugar, malt sugar, milk sugar, cornstarch, liver glycogen, and sweet corn glycogen.
26. Effect of seed priming combined with chemical treatment on improving seed vigor of super sweet corn (Zea mays L. saccharata Sturt) was investigated.
27. The test results show that it can work well for high moisture sweet corn husking.
28. EVery abundance age he grows the prime tomatoes and sweet corn in our all neighborhood.
29. The last bountiful yield comes from the garden, the late sweet corn, the tomatoes root vegetables.
30. Preserved Vegetable: Vacuum Packed Radish, cucumber, Ginger etc. Jelly: Orange, Grape, Peach, Pineapple, Mix Japanese hotchpotch , Vacuum packed sweet corn, Raw Noodle.
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