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Sweep away in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-09-28Updated:2017-09-28
Similar words: keep awaysweepsweepersweep offsweep upsweepingsweep oversweep the boardMeaning: v. 1. eliminate completely and without a trace 2. overwhelm emotionally. random good picture
1. Newspaper editorials spoke of the need to sweep away corruption.
2. The War threatened to sweep away such fears in the uninhibited jingoism that greeted the outbreak of hostilities.
3. As a child, he watched a river sweep away the wheat planted on the family farm in Indiana.
4. Such emissions can sweep away virtually all of the cold, compact dust in a galaxy, thereby preventing that dust from ever congealing into new stars.
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5. Hidden under moss too deep to sweep away . And the first autumn wind added fallen leaves.
6. Abraham drew near him and said,'Wilt thou really sweep away good and bad together?'
7. But you use them to sweep away the dust, and to make clean your humble home, therefore I am filled with awe.
8. Let's sweep away the broken glass.
9. People visit their ancestors'graves to sweep away the dirt.
10. Newspaper editorials spoke the need to sweep away corrupt practices in the government at all levels.
11. Newspaper editorials spoke of the need to sweep away corrupt practices in local government.
12. There is a wind coming that will sweep away your pride.
13. Mr Ahmadinejad was handpicked by ultra-conservatives to sweep away the corruption of previous reform-minded governments.
14. NARRATOR: The man who was to sweep away airline regulations is a lifelong Gilbert and Sullivan fan.
15. The commission's conclusions sweep away a decade of denials and cover-ups.
16. To sweep away such verbiage should help the victorious prosecution of the War of Resistance.
17. They feared that some untoreseen objection would sweep away all the painful adjustments.
18. Please sweep away rubbish.
19. She had always assumed that something would happen, sometime, to sweep away her marital comfort.
20. To stop bad things before they become great floods that sweep away all living things.
21. She opened the door and the two windows to let the morning sweep away the cooking odors.
22. It is also the tradition that every family thoroughly cleans the house to sweep away any ill-fortune in hopes to make way for good incoming luck.
23. The conventionary passed his hand across his brow, as though to sweep away a cloud.
24. Implicitly, the message to the students was that success awaited them if only they could sweep away the impediments to stardom, including S.P.s.
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