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Sweat equity in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2017-12-21Updated:2017-12-21
Similar words: equityinequitysweatersweatedtequilaequity sharesowner's equityreturn on equityMeaning: n. interest in a building that a tenant earns by contributing to its renovation or maintenance. random good picture
1. Couple those feelings with the sweat equity invested and you have conditions that favor continuing projects that should be stopped.
2. Investors have no idea how to value sweat equity, and I now believe it's a bad idea to let them tell you how to do it.
3. Entrepreneurs often ask me how to value the sweat equity invested in their startup.
4. Market value doesn't equal the sum of sweat equity invested by you and your partners.
5. Investing time and earning sweat equity could be the path to your next job -- or even independence.
5. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
6. Sweat equity is just one component of early-stage valuation.
7. Every day, I am in awe of the sweat equity that my husband puts into this house, and I'm confident that the our investment will pay off in the end and make up for all his years of hard labor.
8. The cost is primarily "sweat equity" -- under $15,000.
9. If you raise external capital, this is almost always regarded as sweat equity (meaning you don't get it back until exit time, when you sell your equity).
10. Assuming that adequate investment capital is available, how does the typical U.S. start-up access it on terms that reward fairly both the founder's sweat equity and the investor's risk of capital?
11. This is the typical way that a founder determines sweat equity: foregone wages.
12. Remember that no matter how good a product and how solid a multilevel marketing plan may be, you'll need to invest sweat equity as well as dollars for your investment to pay off.
13. How should you decide if your prototype designer should be a co-founder who deserves 50 percent of your company or deserves $30,000 in sweat equity for her work as an employee or consultant?
14. One simple solution is to "pay" a slight premium for sweat equity to early-stage employees.
15. However, your partner could just as easily have argued that her sweat equity is worth $250,000 since that's what a prototype would have cost you to make had you hired a prototype development firm.
16. No matter how good a product and how solid a multilevel marketing plan may be, expect to invest sweat equity as well as dollars for your investment to pay off.
17. Anyone that has watched his off-season workouts, beginning almost as soon as last season ended, would argue that he has built up a great deal of sweat equity.
18. What does that mean for the companies, and what does it mean for those who provide their own sweat equity for the projects?
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