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Supersonic in a sentence

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Sentence count:124Posted:2017-04-30Updated:2017-04-30
Antonym: subsonicSimilar words: personifypersonificationpersonpersonaarsonistpersonalin personsonicMeaning: adj. 1. (of speed) greater than the speed of sound in a given medium (especially air) 2. having frequencies above those of audible sound. random good picture
1. In 1968, the first supersonic airliner took flight .
2. Supersonic flight could become a routine form of travel in the 21st century.
3. These planes travel at supersonic speeds.
4. Supersonic planes can travel faster than the speed of sound.
5. Without the suit, supersonic flight was an impossibility, high-speed evasive action out of the question.
6. Concorde is capable of travelling at supersonic speeds.
7. It includes 200 supersonic air-to-air missiles and military communications equipment.
8. Thanks to supersonic travel, busy executives can attend meetings in New York and be back in London the same day.
9. One thing's certain: Life flies supersonic.
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10. Her wish was granted and her supersonic trip was rounded off with a stay in the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
11. The P-50 is a forerunner of today's supersonic jet.
12. But there is a price we pay for supersonic journalism: the historic function of journalism is either forgotten or distorted.
13. Catastrophic engine failure brought to an end supersonic airliner Concorde's enviable safety record on Tuesday.
14. The invention provides a supersonic reactive plasma spray gun, belonging to the welding field.
15. Supersonic technique was introduced into synthetic route of resorcinol - formaldehyde ( RF ) aerogel to shorten the fabrication period.
16. The investigation shows that the diverterless supersonic inlet or bump inlet creates a high pressure area on the bump compression surface which pushes the air in boundary layer away from the inlet.
17. Experience in supersonic flight is modifying subsonic aircraft.
18. A new supersonic combustion ramjet, or scramjet, engine gets put through its paces at a NASA research center in a ground-based test that simulated Mach 5 conditions in 2008.
19. In gasdynamics and chemical lasers, the supersonic diffuser plays an important role in the pressure recovery system.
20. Optimization analysis of tokamak plasma fuelling with the supersonic molecular beam ( SMB ) has been made.
21. An aircraft, for example, flying supersonic at 50,000 feet can produce a sonic boom cone about 50 miles wide.
22. There was a huge bang; it sounded like a supersonic jet.
23. A fleet of Concordes, lined up next to the supersonic jet, were driven away by journalists.
24. It will be quiet, manoeuvrable, virtually invisible to radar and capable of supersonic flight without the use of afterburners.
25. But against this, the engines are subjected to higher stresses at supersonic speeds.
26. The quantity of food collected from the help-yourself buffet was enormous and the speed with which it was consumed was almost supersonic.
27. Last year Boeing withdrew from a research project for a new supersonic plane because of the daunting cost.
28. Method: And so on carries on the analysis using the CUBA dry type supersonic calcaneum bone density analyzer to the bone density and the proliferation situation.
29. Program and unsteady aerodynamic work caused by oscillation of sweepback supersonic plate cascade were provided as an example of its application.
30. The Dust Reduction System in the GF1 helps eliminate this possibility by placing a supersonic wave filter in front of the Live MOS sensor.
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