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Sum-up in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2018-07-09Updated:2018-07-09
Similar words: sum upto sum upchum updrum updam upwarm upwarm-upclam upMeaning: n. a brief statement that presents the main points in a concise form sum up. v. 1. give a summary (of) 2. be a summary of 3. determine the sum of. 
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1. The writer made a sum-up and hope the text can provide reference for similar projects in some degree.
2. A sum-up is given of the technical progress and operation of the entire unit.
3. I will colligate some good representative advices, sum-up their strongpoint combines some my new attitudes, then put forward some new theoretic and opinions.
4. Finally, in Chapter 5, this paper makes sum-up, and indicates the future researching direction.
5. Learning experience sum-up meeting let you answer the skills of rapid improvement in every time, so do questions was constant sum up your cause of error and then destroyed, so you would be
6. At last, a sum-up and prospect of some more usage of Linux embedded system are given.
7. Chapter four is the sum-up of the dissertation, which includes the conclusion of the whole paper and the expected research of this topic.
8. This report focuses on the combination and sum-up of the spatial patterning features by mode.
9. On the base of reading large information and sum-up others programs, I get the program of wavelet and fractal.
10. Sum-up of the former visual molds provides useful reference for this paper's visual mold design.
11. Based on the sum-up of the pilot teaching reform on Highway and City Roads specialties discussion is made on the Highway Engineering Cartography curriculum reform and given the measures.
12. Skepticism may be regarded as a sum-up of Greek philosophy, a negative sum-up.
13. In the end, this paper sum-up and estimate the accomplish circumstance of this task, and give the advices of future developments for this task.
14. Methods To sum-up and analysis the clinic information of 55 sufferers of dermatitis contacted mango.
15. Then a fault location flow chart was achieved by sum-up and combined with engineering practice.
16. The whole process is: hearing the broadcast of fire protection, evacuate from the fire escape, get together and nose count, sum-up and over.
17. They'll be switching to Columbus after a station break and a brief sum-up by the network panel.
18. Firstly, the paper analyzes LED's development condition, application field and test instrument's development status, and brings forward an optimized design scheme based on the sum-up and analyses.
19. This article is the most comprehensive account of the Web Full Coverage and a most detailed sum-up of the development process of Web Full Coverage.
20. It is out this very reason that this article tries to do an anatomy and sum-up so that Beijing can be better prepared for the transition of fashion.
21. It surrounds the course teaching of Chemical instrument and automation, emphasizes the teaching viewpoint of "sum-up, disport, sum-up" and "few but extractive".
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