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Suggestively in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-11-15Updated:2017-11-15
Similar words: suggestivesuggestionsuggestiblesuggestsuggesteddigestivecongestivedistinctivelyMeaning: adv. in a suggestive manner. 
1) Fantastic electron microscope images of objects looking very suggestively like fossilized living forms again captured the imagination of the world.
2) They seemed strangely modern, suggestively effective as a sculpture by Picasso; they lived in the now.
3) The old man leered suggestively at the waitress.
4) "See anything you like?" I asked suggestively.
5) This suggestively shaped reflection nebula is associated with the bright star Rigel in the constellation Orion.
6) Ability to suggestively sell menu items, beverages and wines.
7) " I asked suggestively. "Yeah, " she said. "You doing housework.
8) As a manager,[] go to a table and suggestively sell something you love on the menu or wine list.
9) I honked at them and yelled suggestively as I do at college, which usually gets a fun flirty reaction from college girls.
10) This suggestively shaped mushroom was named, with permission, for a distinguished herpetologist with an sense of humor—Robert Drewes of the California Academy of Sciences.
11) Melissa's arched eyebrows rose into her hairline and her mouth twitched suggestively.
12) I practised sticking my chin out and narrowing my eyes suggestively in the mirror.
13) Posted message titles include "Taleban, " "Northern Alliance Atrocities, " "Salman Rushdie article, " and, suggestively, "9 Unpopular Ideas, important to read."
14) I was bending over to wipe up a spill on the kitchen floor when my wife walked into the room behind me. "See anything you like?" I asked suggestively.
15) A figure reclines leisurely on a bed of flowers by the seaside, leaning casually on his wrist, his head arched back and lips parted suggestively.
16) By the way[], don't think you need the body of a model or stripper to dance suggestively for your partner.
17) At the appropriate moment — generally when you're about to consummate a retail purchase — they appear at your shoulder, whispering suggestively in your ear.
18) The video also shows Gaga dressed in a latex nuns' outfit, suggestively swallowing a set of rosary beads, and appears to include references to Madonna's famous videos for Like A Prayer and Vogue.
19) SIGNIFICANT -- Mr. Twain, it will be observed, is suggestively silent about the Cochin China perjury.
20) These abnormalities reduce the capacity to process information and, suggestively, are found only in the regions associated with social behaviour.
21) Lay the creme de cacao, kirsch and smirnoff vodka blue, on the bed of a pre-chilled shot glass. Serve suggestively with a Cadburys chocolate finger.
22) That's what can happen if, like Munn, you're willing to put your head in a "balloon torture chamber" (YouTube views: 364, 406) or suggestively consume a hot dog (7, 951, 685 views).
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