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Subunit in a sentence

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Similar words: subungualbunionunitunityuniteUnitedmunitywhodunitMeaning: n. a monetary unit that is valued at a fraction (usually one hundredth) of the basic monetary unit. random good picture
1 Senior management can exercise greater control over the activities of the organisation and coordinate their subordinates or sub-units more easily.
2 She first confirmed Watson's hypothesis that in the tobacco mosaic virus small protein sub-units were arranged in a helical fashion.
3 The production of the three subunits in minicells should reflect the level of production within the cell.
4 We have not yet identified the subunit which makes this putative contact.
5 Changes are limited to internal sub-units, focusing on improving leadership styles, building teamwork,[] and resolving intergroup conflict.
6 The appearance of all protein subunit had an advanced trend as compared to their parents.
7 The 50 S ribosomal subunit: a view of peptide bond formation using RNA.
8 Based on our observations, the subunit structures of haptoglobin protein conjugates are largely consistent with the known model.
9 Next to the B - subunit gene itself , he inserted a second piece of DNA called a promoter.
10 The problem with the subunit approach is that its effects don't last, said William Halford, a virologist at Montana State University, in Bozeman.
11 Field trials of recombinant subunit vaccine of infectious bursal disease (IBD) were made in 9 flocks of commercial broiler chicken with 3 batches of experimental production.
12 RAMP 1 is a normal, required subunit of the CGRP receptor.
13 The BDZ - R subunit molecular weight , determined by combining photoaffinity labeling with HPLC , was 48 000±1000.
14 The stress adjust the inspection lot, branch item, subsection (tender subsection), unit (subunit) the project divides, installation of indicator of quality, ACP and organisation await elaborate.
15 Objective: To determine the oral immunogenicity of B subunit of Escherichia coli Heat-labile enterotoxin expressed in transgenic potatoes.
16 A responsibility center is a part, segment(, or subunit of an organization whose manager is accountable for specified activities.
17 Right click on the Subunit list table, this will open up a Convert subunits popup menu as shown in Figure 6 below.
18 Fusion proteins that comprise at least one subunit of glutelin and a desired protein permit enhanced production of the desired protein in a useable form in plants.
19 The ratio between the integrated peak areas for each subunit was determined and corrected for the molecular mass of each subunit.
20 In summary, we have identified two ORFs which encode RNA polymerase subunits with considerable similarity to their cellular counterparts.
21 The nature AMPA receptor is normally Ca ~ ( 2 + ) impermeable due to the expression of GluR 2 subunit.
22 RPLP0 gene encodes the acidic ribosomal phosphoprotein large P0 subunit, which is a component of the 60S subunit.
23 Dongpu depression, a oil-gas bearing basin, is situated in the southwest Bohaiwan basin. Puwei sag is a subunit that is tectonically located in the north central upheave of Dongpu depression.
24 The main rivers are Rio Bravo , Mexico River Balsas River and subunit.
25 Objective To evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of Inflexal Berna Subunit influenza virus vaccine.
26 Objective To investigate the role of changes in AMPA receptor GluR 2 subunit expression in epileptogenesis.
27 Objective To study the differential expression and possible role of MLRQ subunit gene of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide reduced (NADH) oxidoreductase in malignant tumors of digestive system.
28 In other words, the content of 13kDa prolamine amount subunit is different in the different species.
29 Two new exocyclic ring - fused boron - dipyrromethene (BDP) dyes with benzo crown ether subunit at meso- position were prepared. Their spectroscopic and electrochemical properties were investigated.
30 The fusion protein has been proved having immunogenicity when detected by Western blot, which demonstrates that it may be useful in the development of porcine pleuropneumonia subunit vaccine.
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